Jan 31, 2019

The Lady in Blue (1996)

Despite the generic movie art depicting The Lady in Blue as your standard erotic thriller, the film actually tries to be a comedy.  I said "tries"... which is not the same as "succeeds".

Ginger (1971)

This is the first of the three Ginger movies, starring Cheri Caffaro as the ass-kicking female James Bond, proto-Charlie's Angel.

Schoolgirls in Chains (1973)

Another example of where the movie poster doesn't represent the film at all.  Sure, there's abducted women in this picture - but nothing resembling this wonderfully lurid poster art.

Siv, a Swedish Girl (1969)

There's just not much known about Siv, a Swedish Girl, and presently IMDb isn't much help.  First, the date is wrong - IMDb lists it at 1971; however, we know a theater was busted for showing this film in 1969. Of course, it's just a random, low budget Swedish sex romp - do we care?.  It's not as if we've uncovered a long lost Orson Welles film; so, we won't harp on the film's lack of backstory. Let's just watch...

Frankenstein in a Women's Prison (2017)

Something I'm guilty of is preferring older B-movies (1980s and earlier) and snubbing more current low budget genre flicks as "grindhouse wannabes" - automatically inferior to the grand old days of the drive-in or video nasties.  Much of the time, this reflexive snobbery is warranted. But you can also imagine audiences of the seventies saying the same thing - nostalgic for the 1950's midnight movies and thumbing their nose to the new offerings at the drive in. 

All this is to say, I am trying to give newer movies in this category a fair shot, and not put older flicks on a pedestal.  It doesn't make sense to admire 1980s Troma, but look past movies of today trying for the same thing.  So, let's give Frankenstein in a Women's Prison a go.  At this writing, it's not even listed in IMDb (although a movie from 2011 with the same title is).  Onward...

Jan 27, 2019

Saint-Tropez Vice (1987)

Original Title: Police des moeurs: Les filles de Saint Tropez. It's Miami Vice, but French, and with loads of nudity.

Jan 25, 2019

The Swinging Barmaids (1975)

The Swinging Barmaids - "When the bar closes, the action really begins!"  Sounds like a fun and sleazy seventies sexploitation flick... but the film is not what you'd expect - featuring brutal murders and a Ted Bundy type character.  Let's have a look at this drive-in classic which defies expectations.

Jan 24, 2019

Night of the Demons (1994)

"Angela's throwing another party...Trick Or Treat, Suckers."  Does the sequel live up to the 1988 original?  Let's have a look and find out...

Jan 20, 2019

The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman (1971)

We've covered a number of Paul Naschy films on VZ1, but this is the one that launched the Spanish horror boom of the seventies. 

Baby Blood (1990)

A circus performer is impregnated by a bloodthirsty creature, commanding her to kill.  Tons of over-the-top grisly mayhem ensue in this gore-fest from France.

Jan 11, 2019

Prey (1977)

From the director who brought us Spaced Out, Norman Warren, comes this odd story of a carnivorous alien who comes to live at a rural manor with a couple of lesbians.  What could go wrong?