Sep 22, 2018

Naked Massacre (1976)

One of the bleakest movies I've ever witnessed. Of all the films we've dredged from the cinema sewer, I can honestly say that none have left me more depressed.  It's loosely based on the 1966 Richard Speck murders, and will have you feeling morose for days afterward.  Let's have a look at this dark and nihilistic film from Germany guaranteed to kill your good mood...

Cain Adamson (Mathieu Carrière) has just arrived in Ireland from a tour in Vietnam.  Cain is a US citizen, but the bleak Irish landscape in the midst of a violent civil war seems to suit him.

He stops by a church which is bombed.  

Among the church carnage, Cain just lights a cigarette.  It doesn't even faze him.

They couldn't have picked a better actor than Mathieu Carrière to portray Cain, a man whose brain is definitely "squirming like a toad".  Clearly, the shit he saw in 'Nam have turned him into a soulless psychopath.

In this Irish town are eight nurses living together. The film shows the happy hustle-and-bustle of their lives.

The girls watch TV which is airing the bloody conflict going outside their walls between the IRA and loyalists.

 Meanwhile, this dark figure looms.  

 One of the girls, Amy (Carol Laure), is startled to find this strange man just enter her kitchen.

Amy offers the vet some food.  In this nihilistic world, no good deed will go unpunished.

That evening, Cain returns to the house.  He first encounters Jenny (Leonora Fani) and Christine (Christine Boisson).

He grabs Debbie (Debra Berger) and puts all the girls in one room and ties them up.

Christine, Jenny and Debbie are terrified and agree to whatever he says.   There are eight girls living in the house - one is still at work.  Let's meet the seven nurses held captive:

 Eileen (Andrée Pelletier) and Catherine (Eva Mattes)

 Jenny (Leonora Fani) and Christine (Christine Boisson).

Leila (Myriam Boyer) and Debbie (Debra Berger)

And of course, there's Amy (Carol Laure)

Cain takes a special interest in Amy and brings her to another room.  He tells the girls that, if they do as he says, nothing bad will happen to them. (cough, bullshit!)

We're fifty minutes into the movie; it's been slowly building up until now.  Cain takes Amy to the living room.

 He then proceeds to strangle her to death.  A severely brutal and sad scene.

 Did I mention Mathieu Carrière plays an all-too-convincing psychopath?  I remember when Mark Harmon played Ted Bundy in that TV miniseries and his career suffered afterwards because the shadow of Bundy was hard to shake.  That was nothing compared to this.  Mathieu Carrière straight up is Richard Speck.

 Now, Cain brings Christine and Jenny to the living room.

 He has Christine undress - actress Christine Boisson providing full frontal nudity.

Cain recognized there was a lesbian thing happening between the two girls; so he has Christine undress the terrified Jenny.

Then, he forces them to make love to each other.

In one of the saddest and brutally realistic murder scenes I've ever had the displeasure of watching, Cain has Jenny stab Christine to death.

Cain carries Jenny to the kitchen to wash her off (for some unknown reason) then strangles her to death.

 Cain then stabs Debbie and Eileen.  When their other roommate arrives home, he kills her too.

Catherine has gone absolutely off her rocker; laughing like a madwoman.  Cain plays with her a bit then has her stab herself to death.

Only Leila survives.  As the police become alerted, Cain sneaks out the back, leaving Leila behind, hiding under the bed.

 Cain escapes, but his inner anguish becomes too much and he offs himself.  THE END

This movie was depressing as hell.  If you enjoyed Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, this might be for you.  For me, I'm going to watch a comedy or a silly Troma movie to wash away the awful feelings I'm currently marinating in.


  1. Well, I put this on my Amazon watch-list. I survived watching "Martyrs"(OK, only barely survived), so I should be all right. BTW Cain Adamson that's a good name for a murderer.

    1. Martyrs was not an easy watch either. This was a bit more bleak but not near as well made.

  2. Aww ... Phooey, Amazon Prime has the edited version. They want $8 to watch the uncut one. Not sure that's worth it.