Dec 29, 2017

Life Size (1974)

Life Size (original title - Grandeur Nature) - a French oddity featuring a mild mannered dentist who finds love in a rather odd place...

Meet Michel (actor Michel Piccoli).  He's ordered something that comes in a rather large cardboard box.  I wonder what's inside...

It's a lifelike doll. Nothing strange here, right?  Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

 By day, Michel is a charming, affable dentist.

At night, he's obsessing over his love doll.  The way it stands in the hallway, is more than a little creepy.

Believe it or not, Michel is married  - to a lovely lady named Isabelle (actress Rada Rassimov).

While she sleeps, Michel examines her boob, presumably comparing it to the new object of his affection.

The relationship between Michel and his rubber mate starts to develop.  Soon, they're having sex in the shower, on the beach... she's the perfect woman.

Michel tries it with a real-life woman - not his wife, but a prostitute he meets at a bar.

But when Michel accidentally discovers her on the toilet, the deal is off.  His rubber lover doesn't have to use the bathroom.

Michel picks out the finest clothing for his special rubber someone.

He even has a top notch fashion expert do her hair and fit her for the finest clothing money can be.  Michel treats his latex lady well.

Finally, Michel introduces his rubber lover to his wife Isabelle.  She's rightfully disturbed.... but at the same time is unbelievably understanding.  Their marriage has been falling apart.  Perhaps Michel's new fetish is a way to rekindle the romance....

After a long day's work, Michel comes home to find Isabelle sitting naked on a chair, perfectly motionless - just like a living doll.

What an amazing wife.  This poor gal is pretending to be a lifeless doll in order to win back her husband.  But Michel notices a tear falling down her cheek.  The illusion is ruined.

The asshole carts Isabelle to the closet and dumps her in.

She comes out and smacks the shit out of him.  What a complete son of a bitch.  It's one thing to have a living doll fetish, another to treat your wife, who's trying her best to fulfill that need, like complete garbage.

But let's face it - this is more than a fetish.  Michel has real mental issues.  He ends up marrying the doll and moving into a little apartment with it.  At the end of the film, there's a rowdy party in his apartment, and the party goers find the doll and gang rape it.

Michel just can't take it any more and drives his car into the river.  The final scene shows the love doll floating to the surface.  THE END

I suppose there's a deep message here.  Perhaps something about how Michel could no longer find love with humans which have emotions, faults and bowel movements.  Someone so self-absorbed can no longer relate to things that have needs, or require anything of him... yada, yada, yada.

I enjoyed Rada Rassimov's nude scene, but that was really all I could find good about this film.  It tries to deliver a taboo story with some meaning, but ultimately is just not my cup of tea.

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