Nov 26, 2017

2069: A Sex Odyssey (1974)

It's a sci-fi sexploitation flick from Germany featuring space maidens in search of sperm to bring home to Venus.  It simply has to be seen to be believed - let's watch.

These sexy space maidens from Venus have been tasked with retrieving enough sperm to last ten thousand years.

The smoking hot Venusian crew receive their instructions
Their ship lands in an idyllic Bavarian village nestled in the mountains.  Each space girl departs, and we follow their individual quests for baby batter.

This space girl is called "Number One"; she's found a smarmy salesman to extract the precious jizm.  The head to his station wagon and get to business.

It doesn't go so easy for "Number Four".  She has her space suit torn off by the local rapist and proceeds to freeze solid.

A doctor comes to his assistance and brings the frozen Number Four to a sauna to thaw...

Once Number Four defrosts, she gets to work on the doctor, extracting his valuable spunk.

Kommandantin 666 (Nina Frederik) has the most success, bringing back a herd of horny clueless males to milk on her spaceship.

Next, the girls regroup (except Number Four who's fallen in love with her doctor) and decide to attend the local dance...

As you might expect, these strange women attract the attention of the gents.  They ask if they would please change into the local Bavarian garb.

Not understanding Earth customs, the space girls change right in the middle of the dance hall.

Actress Nina Frederik is drop dead gorgeous.

And, yes, this being a 1970s Scandinavian skin flick, the girls undress down to their birthday suits.

The audience's reaction.  The beer swilling gents are unblinkingly focused on the action.  Best Bavarian dance ever.

Chaos erupts.  The men start beating the living shit out of each other as the band plays on, and the girls look on with confusion.

Eventually, the rumble turns into a party and the girls decide to stay on earth rather than go back to their female-only planet.

Sure, this was about as stupid as they come, but sci-fi skin flicks are a lot of fun nonetheless, and I had a great time watching the ribald silliness.

My one complaint is that the director sucks balls - he has five ladies ready and willing to shed their clothes, but has a hard time getting a single clear shot.  Most of it is blurry, unintentional shaky cam, and shot too close or at a bad angle.  So, while there's nudity aplenty, it's frustratingly poorly filmed... and when the sole reason for your film even to exist is eye candy, you had better make sure the picture is good!

A prime example is the scene above, where you have Number One teaching the utterly gorgeous Nina Frederik (Kommandantin 666) the ways of love.  This involves getting her to wear lingerie and then making love to her.  But guess what?  You can't see any of it!  It's filmed too close, or the actresses are moving around, or the scene is cropped badly, etc.  It's unbelievably frustrating.  A cameraman/director with an ounce of skill could have elevated this to the 70s Sleaze Hall of Fame.

Alas, it was not meant to be.  Yet, even with this major faux pas, it's still a fun sci-fi sexploitation that you'll be glad you watched.