Dec 27, 2022

Video Zeta Inventory - Time Stop Movies


Basically, the genre involves a device which freezes time so horny guys can molest frozen ladies without resistance or consequence.  

What happens is the guy presses a "magic" button then starts molesting the various "paused" females.  With the limitless potential of such a device, you could use it to save lives, take over the world, etc. the possibilities are endless to do good for mankind.  But no. Our horny heroes use it to grope ladies.  It's like if Sauron used the Ring to just spy on elves showering. 

So, here is our inventory - more to be added.  Stay tuned. 

(1) Convenience store, (2) eye doctor, (3) bus

(1) Cell phone store, (2) tennis court, (3) classroom 

Juvenile delinquents against a mother and daughter

Spa/Bath house

Convenience store

Office worker

(1) bank and (2) gentlemen's club

(1) the fair and (2) freakshow

(1) health club patrons (2) a supermodel, (3) an innocent girl home alone, and (4) three school bullies

(1) bank robbers, (2) beach babes and (3) students

Revenge against a stuck up college girl

Cashback (2006) 

Last updated 11/2/23

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