Dec 24, 2022

Colpo Grosso Main Page (1987-)


We've covered the German game show Tutti Frutti extensively.  That was a spin-off of sorts from Colpo Grosso, an Italian game show famous for including nudity.  Both shows were mostly filmed at the same Italian studio and became wildly popular among early satellite customers... and also widely criticized by the usual troublemakers - feminists and conservatives.

We certainly can't cover all the episodes, but we'll look at a bunch of them.  Below are the episodes covered - and it will be updated, so come back and check if more have been added. Enjoy!

Each Part contains a review of four episodes
Colpo Grosso (Part 6)
Colpo Grosso (Part 5)
Colpo Grosso (Part 4)
Colpo Grosso (Part 3)
Colpo Grosso (Part 2)
Colpo Grosso (Part 1)


The German show was almost a direct copy-paste (see the Tutti Frutti Main Page), but with a fifty minute run time versus under 30 for Colpo Grosso.  Of course, you had a different host and some other nuances we'll get into.

The rules of the game were both super simple and perplexing at the same time. A female and male contestant would compete for points called "Eurofiche" - consider them casino chips which could be applied to removing articles of clothing from the Flag Girls.  The contestant who strips down the most Flag Girls wins. 

This sounds simple enough, but there were more rules and nuances than american football.  Such as the "bonus card" and the silver/gold stars on the Cin Cin girls, the points per article of clothing, etc. plus the rules for each of the three games the contestants played.  

Perhaps the main attraction were the Cin Cin girls.  It was an ingenious move to have each of them represented by a fruit and distinct color.  That made them each recognizable and discernable - so the audience was prone to having their favorite "fruit" among the models. 

The Hosts - Umberto Smaila is the main host.  (Hugo Egon Balder filled his role on Tutti Frutti) 

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