Jul 3, 2023

Video Zeta List - Top Nude Scenes 1973


Okay, time for another round of the best nude scenes by year.  Today, let's go with 1973 -  Let's have a look at the Top 125 nude scenes the year had to offer.  But first, a few quick words about how these are ranked.  

(#125) Rosanna Yanni is under a vampire's spell - Count Dracula's Great Love

(#124) Linda Hastreiter bloody boob slurp - Virgin Among the Living Dead

(#123) Jennifer Westbrook dances for a thief - The Sex Thief

(#122) Orita De Chadwick oscilloscope test - The Nymph Tapes

(#121) Terri Juston gets ready for bed - Miss Leslie's Dolls 

(#120) Helga König wears the 1st of 7 chains - I Like The Girls Who Do

(#119) Claudia Fielers wears the 5th of 7 chains - I Like The Girls Who Do

(#118) Anouska Hempel is captured by revolutionaries - Tiffany Jones

(#117) Heidi Kappler boat assault then carried ashore - Lifeguard Report

 (#116) Waltraud Schaeffler hooks for pocket change - Geilermann's Daughter

(#115) Linda Vroom hangs out with a friend - Tom Peepers

(#114) Inga Hoffmann jumps on a detective - Geilermann's Daughter 

(#113) Angela Covello sunbathes - Torso

 (#112) Vera Schmidt pours the salesman a drink - Between the Covers

(#111) Lynn Harris is tended to by a nurse - Heterosexualis

(#110) Shirley Corrigan dissatisfied wife gets her game on - Housewives Report International

(#109) Dany Daniel office sex - Naked Sex

(#108) Britt Corvin shows everyone her untrimmed bush - Geilermann's Daughter 

(#107) Heidi Kappler gets her picture taken - Der Tanzstunden-Report

(#106) Terry Gibson serves as educational aid - Professor of Sex Ed

 (#105) Mireille Dargent is assaulted - Illegal Abortion

A rough scene for sure, but a memorable one

(#104) Brandy Woods restaurant surprise - The Cheerleaders

(#103) Susie Sunshine is a tropical island giantess - Fongaluli

(#102) Georgina Spelvin hospital waiting room exposure - Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig

(#101) Carol Connors becomes Dracula's bride -  Bride's Initiation

(#100) Bruna Beani takes a bath - Donne e magia con satanasso in compagnia 

(#99) Marisa Feldy brings tea - Frühreifen-Report

(#98) Nancy Marshall is a mannequin come to life - Virgin and the Lover

(#97) Aurora de Alba murdered - Vengeance of the Zombies

(#96) Lia Flessa washed ashore - Hostages of Lust

(#95) Jennifer Welles takes a bath - The Sexualist

(#94) Lyllah Torena scoots out of bed - The Dirty Dolls

(#93) Britt Corvin on a runaway car hood - Hostess Sex Report

(#92) Penny Irving drowned - Big Zapper

(#91) Christine von Stratowa gets cleaned - Frühreifen-Report

(#90) Carmen Yazalde is a nun visited by the devil - The Demons

(#89) Marika Mindzenthy is out on the ledge - The Countess Died of Laughter

The key here is the gratuitous camera zoom-in

(#88) Antonella Dogan performs a magic ritual - Donne e magia con satanasso in compagnia

(#87) Antonia Lotito caught and carried - The Man with the Severed Head 

(#86) Juliane Rom-Sock is a married man's fantasy - Sex-Träume-Report 

(#85) Andrea Allan takes a shower - The House That Vanished

(#84) Lyllah Torena in the shower with stepmom (Heather Vale) - And When She Was Bad

(#83) Eva Lindberg classroom exposure - Danish Pastries

(#82) Cleo O'Hara goes to the mental hospital - My Deep Hunger

Extra points to O'Hara who spends most of the film naked on the hospital bed.

(#81) Karen Schubert abused - The Punishment

(#80) Rene Bond provides a demonstration for the class - The Mislayed Genie

(#79) Michaela Roos checks herself out - Laß jucken, Kumpel 2

(#78) Barbara Marzano tempts an older man - Seduction

(#77) Candice Rialson breaking and entering- Pets

(#76) Marianne Mardi uses a silver birch branch - Sensuela

(#75) Andy Bellamy can't keep a straight face - Oh You Beautiful Doll

(#74) Cathy Walker comedic friskCase of the Full Moon Murders

(#73) Georgina Spelvin finds use for tubing - Devil in Miss Jones

(#72) Pia Degermark almost staked - The Vampire Happening

(#71) Peggy Church discovers herself - The All American Girl

(#70) Willeke van Ammelrooy bathes with a nutcase - Frank & Eva

(#69) Heidi Kappler dries off - Holiday Greetings from Unterhöschen

(#68) Helga Bender gets a Bavarian schtupping - Greetings From Lederhose

(#67) Vera Fischer is a model for a new drug - A Super Fêmea

(#66) Marisa Feldy finally agrees to sex - Laß jucken, Kumpel 2

(#65) Britt Corvin in the hay - Swap Meet at the Love Shack

(#64) Kristina Wanka gets nervous and hides her face - Auch Ninotschka zieht ihr Höschen aus

(#63) Anne Libert does a threeway - Line Up and Lay Down

(#62) Elisabeth Volkmann runs around the village - Love Bavarian Style

(#61) Nieves Navarro poses for an artist - Death Carries a Cane

(#60) Kathy Hilton is a wish from a magic pill - Heads or Tails

 (#59) Karin Hofmann is tops in her class - She Devils of the SS 

(#58) Joanna Jung can't get her husband's attention - Housewives Report 4

(#57) Ulrike Butz feigns illness - Schulmädchen-Report 5 

(#56) Ingrid Steeger is a nude model - Swap Meet at the Love Shack

(#55) Sandy Dempsey wears a man out - Teenage Innocence

Teri Johnson joins her as well, who also isn't too shabby

(#54) Lylla Torena abused by abductors - Fly Me

Torena is pretty much abused from start to finish; take your pick of scenes

(#53) Anna Aries is metamorphosed to a Bee Girl - Invasion of the Bee Girls

(#52) Brandy Herred naked cheerleader dance - Some Call It Loving

(#51) Sherry Denton can't talk on the phone because... well let's just say her mouth is full and leave it at that - Last Foxtrot in Burbank

(#50) Elisabeth Felchner cat fight - Love Bavarian Style

(#49) Lina Romay takes a blood bath - Female Vampire

(#48) Christine von Stratowa sacrificed to satan - What Schoolgirls Kept Silent

(#47) Edwige Fenech wears a sheer blouse - The Inconsolable Widow

Doesn't sound like much... but this is Edwige, let's not forget.

(#46) Christina Lindberg is drugged and abused - Thriller: A Cruel Picture

(#45) Ulrike Butz office sex - Housewives Report 4

(#44) Carmen Yazalde is a Frankenstein monster - The Rites of Frankenstein

(#43) Jennifer Welles gets limber - Virgin and the Lover

(#42) Margie Lanier strips to make a Women's Lib point - Hot Connections

(#41) Sonja Jeannine forced to the satanic altar - What Schoolgirls Kept Silent

(#40) Sonja Jeannine works behind the counter - Frühreifen-Report

(#39) Sheila Leighton gets her comeuppance - Girls Are For Loving

(#38) Flora Weisel's car makeout  - Please Don't Eat My Mother

Suffice it to say, this gets more explicit than you'd expect

(#37) Angela Carnon has a backwoods awakening - Bust Out

(#36) Sylvia Kristel drinking and riding - Frank & Eva

(#35) Stephanie Fondue in the men's locker room - The Cheerleaders

(#34) Rita Calderoni left boob drinking game - The Reincarnation of Isabel

Calderoni's left boob pops out a hilarious amount of times in this film. Bravo.

(#33) Ulrike Butz is pounded until she passes out - Sex-Träume-Report

(#32) Sandy Dempsey tied to the table - Teen-Age Jail Bait

(#31) Sue Longhurst plays doctorSecrets of a Door to Door Salesman 

(#30) Pat Anderson on the slave market - Fly Me

(#29) Ingrid Steeger clerical fantasy - Schulmädchen-Report 5 

(#28) Shirley Corrigan teaches class - Schulmädchen-Report 6

(#27) Janine Reynaud spousal abuse - Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant

(#26) Ulrike Butz hides from dad - What Schoolgirls Kept Silent

(#25) Cheri Caffaro gets tied up - Girls Are For Loving

(#24) Loreta Tovar takes a spill - A Candle for the Devil

(For more Tovar see Spotlight on Loretta Tovar)

(#23) Sonja Jeannine tempts an old guy - Schulmädchen-Report 5 

(#22) Barbara Bouchet strips on a foggy darkened road - Ricco the Mean Machine

(#21) Montserrat Prous turns herself in to the police - Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac

(#20) Melinda Pillon and father sit on a toilet where her lover is hiding - Put Your Devil in My Hell

Has to be seen to be believed.

(#19) Janet Agren chloroformed and assaulted - Ingrid on the Road

(#18) Sabine Sun sweaty wrestling - The Amazons

 (#17) Anke Syring clothes shredded by bats - The Devil's Plaything 

(#16) Paloma Picasso is Elisabeth Bathory - Immoral Tales

(#15) Ulrike Butz has something to show the gym teacher - Schulmädchen-Report 6

(#14) Helga Liné returns from the dead - Horror from the Tomb

(#13) Julie Ege takes a bath - Not Now Darling

(#12) Sandy Carey on the dinner table - Heads or Tails

 (#11) Renate Kasché nearly fucking dies for real - She Devils of the SS 

Like this thing really explodes; if you look frame-by-frame, it's lucky she wasn't badly hurt

(#10) Rene Bond devoured by man-eating plant - Please Don't Eat My Mother

(#9) Valerie Perrine disrobes on PBS - Steambath

(#8) Laura Antonelli sexy nun fantasy - Sessomatto

(#7) Tallie Cochrane takes a bath - Sassy Sue

(#6) Victoria Vetri is metamorphosed to a Bee Girl - Invasion of the Bee Girls

(#5) Anne Sparrow drugged, tortured and more - The Sinful Dwarf

If you have to ask why Sparrow ranks so high, what are you even doing here? 

(#4) Marie Forså makes use of a candle - The Devil's Plaything

(#3) Emma Cohen takes a bath - The Other Side of the Mirror

Okay, I don't know how Franco got Cohen to do this scene in the first place - but then he takes it a step further and zooms in on her bush for like five minutes.

(#2) Ulrike Butz nude for the duration - Jagdzeit für Naschkatzen

Butz is at the height of her powers in this film, and in some form of nakedness from the first frame to the last.  A high water mark in the history of nudity in film both in quality and quantity.

(#1) Rene Bond dances in the computer lab - Frankie and Johnnie Were Lovers

Rene Bond amid paleo-computers; it just doesn't get better than this. 

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