Nov 1, 2023

Vixens from Venus (2016)


Scientists arrange for three women convicts to exchange minds with three Venusians. 

Felicity (Katie Morgan) is a prostitute outraged that this john only offers to pay fifty dollars.

But she does it anyway.  Unfortunately, it turns out he's a vice cop

In order to avoid prison, Felicity agrees to take part in a science experiment.  She's joined by two other girls also wanting a get-out-of-jail-free card: Piper (Erika Jordan) and Violet (Dillion Harper)

Dr. Grayson (Ryan McLane), Dr. Kline (Pristine Edge) and Dr. Edwards (Otto Bauer) explain the experiment. It's an "an exchange program unlike any in the history of mankind" - they will exchange minds with three Venusian aliens.

Felicity has concerns, asking "What happens to our minds while little green men are walking around in our bodies?" But she ends up going through with it.

The three women now have aliens in control of their bodies.  And we can immediately tell they are up to no good.

Alien Piper gets to seducing Dr. Edwards

Dr. Edwards can't resist

This reduces Dr. Edwards to a babbling idiot - with the mind of a small child.

Dr. Grayson and Dr. Klein are engaged.  They take a moment alone as an opportunity to get randy.

Piper worries that she forgot her panties in the lab - and this will serve as a clue that she seduced Dr. Edwards.

She returns to the lab and finds Klein and Grayson going at it

Okay - back to business.

Well, not for long.  Klein gets down and dirty with the aliens.

This turns Klein stupid just like Edwards.

Felicity seduces Grayson - and now all three scientists are babbling idios. Only the custodian Charlie (Brandon C. Greene) seems to have his wits about him.

The Venusians reveal their plan: to make earth's three smartest humans idiots to ensure they never invent space travel capable of visiting Venus. 

The three aliens take the smarts absorbed from the scientists and implant it in Charlie - who is now the world's smartest human - and he vows to never invent travel capable of visiting Venus.

The three girls get their minds back (but the scientists unfortunately never do). THE END

 Erika Jordan is amazing as always.  The story was fairly creative and fun; no big complaints and perhaps a cut above the usual Retromedia fast food.


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