Nov 2, 2023

The Misadventures of Mike Mullet (2001)


A Dream Girls Special Assignment, so falls in with the Real Adventures brand. 

So, we begin with Jim and Mike Mullet.  Jim is one of the main guys behind the camera on these Real Adventures and Dream Girls videos - and an expert at getting girls to take their clothes off on camera.  Mike Mullet helped Jim get his start in the biz, so he let's him take the reigns for an episode.

I actually wish there were more Mike Mullet episodes because he is so terrible at this, it is damn near endearing.  It really feels like a "regular guy" going around with the camera.  Jim at one point says the Mike Mullet wasted hours of video tape going around at Mardi Gras and not capturing anything.  After watching this and seeing how badly Mike does, you can see it really is a talent to do these films right.

Mike films some girls on a Key West beach

Mardi Gras

Mike Mullet really hits his stride when he hangs out with these two ladies. They're so good (especially the blonde) that it makes his job easy.

The blonde jumps into a random car (!) and isn't wearing panties

In this scene, Mike has to shut the cameras down because the crowd of guys gets too rowdy.

Mike films this girl in a seedy motel room

Mike is livin' the dream

An appearance from Gene Simmons.

Mike films this lady on a parking garage rooftop

I was not expecting this smiling girl to take things this far - literally pleasuring herself while she drives with camera at point blank range.

These two girls are extremely reluctant to flash the camera, but Mike does manage to get them to for a split second

This scene actually depressed me.  This girl seems absolutely wasted.  As "Tom Sawyer" plays in the background this barely coherent girl plays with herself.

I wonder how this girl is these days.

A perfect ending as Mike grabs the Jager bottle. 

Well, it was nice getting to spend some time with Mike Mullet - a man of the people, just living his best life.  A fun time.

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