Nov 12, 2023

The Love Machine (2016)


A disturbed therapist uses a device to mind control her patients into killing their husbands.

Dr. Bradshaw (Jennifer Korbin) works with her patient Blair (Carter Cruise)

Bradshaw uses a machine to put Blair under hypnosis

Blair is commanded to kill her husband when the time is right

Ginger (Erika Jordan) performs at a strip club

Her regular customer is Don (Justin Berti)

Dan returns home to his wife Jane (Alice Haig).  He goes to strip clubs because she refuses to ever have sex with him.

Upon Dan's suggestion that they need therapy, they go to see Dr. Bradshaw.

Bradshaw puts Jane under the 'love machine' and she fantasizes about screwing the pool boy

 Angie (Pepper XO) is the wife of Dan's coworker at the mechanics shop, John (Michael Hopkins

Upon Bradshaw's command, she murders John.

Dan's boss Danvers (Michael Gaglio) tells him the bad news that John has been murdered

Jane is back at Bradshaw's office for more treatment. She sits next to Jeff (Billy Snow) who is the husband of Blair (from the start of the movie).

Bradshaw's treatment seems to be doing really well for Blair. Their relationship is on the mend.

Bradshaw puts Jane under hypnosis.  While she's unconscious, she takes her clothes off.

Blair and Jeff are having sex in their car

Blair gets the command to murder Jeff

Jane takes a shower

Jane starts to fall under the spell of the 'love machine' - hearing Bradshaw's voice in her head.

Jane and Dan have sex

Jane pulls a gun out to kill Dan, but he grabs it and turns the tables

Bradshaw is nutso because of experiments conducted on her by her dead husband.  Now she is ready to kill Dan.

Dan shoots Bradshaw and is ready to have to shoot Jane as well.

But the machine powers off, and she is now out of its control.  She falls onto the couch and passes out.

 This should have been much better.  Erika Jordan is completely wasted, just doing a lame striptease at the start.  The sex scenes overall are extremely tame (perhaps there's a more explicit version out there?). As if this wasn't bad enough, the film has several scenes of archival footage, clunkily copy-pasted in.  


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