Nov 1, 2023

The Captives (1995)


(Original Title: Sequestro di persona, AKA Les Captives) A Mario Salieri film about the former president of a big pharmaceutical company who abducts the wives of the two men who ousted him.

Giovanni (Jean-Yves Le Castel) is an asshole who has backstabbed his way to the top of a pharmaceutical company called Alpa. He treats his wife Maeva like shit.

He makes her strip for him and then they have sex

Roberto (Roberto Malone) was the president of Alpa, but he was ousted by Giovanni and another guy we'll meet. Andrea (Simona Valli) agrees to help him get back on the board of directors at the company.

Roberto has a plan to kidnap the wives of the two men that ousted him.  But first, sex with Andrea.

Sergio Orillo is the other business partner who ousted Roberto

His wife Tanya (Draghixa) is alone at home fast asleep

Roberto and an accomplice, Tony (Richard Langin) a Sicilian criminal, break into the Orillo house.

Roberto knocks out Tanya with a rag soaked with ether.

With Tanya out cold, Robert is tempted to get pervy.

But Tony hurries him along, and he carries Tanya out.

Back at their place, Tony catches Béatrice Valle shooting up morphine. Tony is mad because the morphine is meant for Tanya.

But they make amends

Giovanni and Maeva return home

Giovanni secretly calls Andrea who he is having an affair with.

Roberto has hidden Tanya in the basement.  She's still knocked-out from the ether.

Sergio gets a call from the kidnappers offering Tanya's return for a ransom

Roberto meets with Dalila, a friend of Andrea, who disagrees with his kidnapping plans. But Roberto gives her some cash and they have sex.

This was originally released as two separate movies.

Andrea waits for Giovanni at a secret location.

This is just a plot to get Giovanni away from home so they can kidnap Maeva.

Maeva is at the stables when Roberto and Tony run up on her and knock her out with ether.

Maeva is taken back to their hideout.  While still unconscious, they remove her clothes.

She wakes up and is raped

Captain Valeni gives Giovanni the bad news that Maeva's car was found abandoned. 

Roberto promises Béatrice Valle, the morphine addict, that they'll go away together once they get the ransom money.

In the other cell, Tony assaults Tanya.

In another cell, Roberto finds Maeva drunk and barely conscious 

But the police catch up to him; Roberto is arrested. THE END

A mean spirited and ugly movie - but with the Mario Salieri treatment, it gets a nice polish and feels like a "real" movie. 


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