Nov 1, 2023

Sexy Wives Sindrome (2011)


Another Jim Wynorski throwaway; however this one features Erika Jordan, so there's hope.

Professor Jones and Dr. Anderson (Julie K. Smith) monitor the sexual activity of a patient

Lucy (Angie Stevenson) seems to be doing quite well with her sex-therapy

Dr. Anderson swoons; she has a fuzzy flashback and nearly faints.

Her patient Lucy makes her feel better

Diana (Erika Jordan) is a new patient checking in with Dr. Kayla Belmont (Cindy Lucas)

Dr. Belmont puts Diana at ease

Diana explains her problems to Dr. Anderson

She explains that her husband will have sex, but remains emotionally distant

We get a flashback sex scene with Diana and her husband Mark (Frankie Cullen)

At the clinic pool, Lucy and Mandy (Rebecca Love) get into a fight

They make up - with Kayla Belmont.

Dr. Anderson confronts Shug (Billy Chappell) an orderly

After sex, Dr. Anderson nearly faints again after a flashback

We find that Mark and Diana are not husband and wife.  Her sister died in the care of Professor Jones, and she has hired Mark to go undercover with her to find the truth. 

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Belmont have sex.

Mark and Dr. Belmont have sex.

Diana and Mark meet with Dr. Anderson 

She has another flashback and passes out

Professor Jones bursts in with a gun - wise to their game.

Mark says he knows the truth - that Dr. Anderson is really a former patient currently under some kind of mind control.  And that he covered up the murder of Diana's sister, yada yada.  Professor Jones is finally disarmed by the orderly and justice is served. THE END

 I'm down for anything with Erika Jordan, but this was awful.  Even by the late-stage Wynorski standards, this was below par. 


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