Nov 13, 2023

Sexy Urban Legends - Whatever Turns You On (2002)


Season 2 Episode 10 of Sexy Urban Legends: The two tales are "Souvenir" and "Love in a Video Box". [See the Sexy Urban Legends Main Page]

Annoying-as-hell hosts Mick Thomas and Tony Menke treat us to another double feature of erotic tall tales.

Story #1 "Souvenir" 

Josh (Noah Frank) a law student has a hard time concentrating due to his girlfriend Jennifer (Becka Bratt)

So Josh's mother (Rubee Hayworth) insists he stay at home, away of such distractions

However, at home he meets an old flame from high school, Tessa (Allison Beal)

Josh masturbates thinking about her, and his mother leaves Kleenex with his breakfast tray.

Story #2 - "Love in a Video Box"

John (Sean Vossler) and Cara (Nina Ferrari) are going to two different colleges, and so must spend extended time apart.  He admires her on the ladder.

As a going away present, John gives Cara a video camera.  That way they can video tape messages to each other while they are apart.

They have sex before they say goodbye

Before Cara leaves he already gets some red flags that she's not too interested in staying together.

At the university, Cara is tempted by Dirk (Chris Evans)

Her roommate Francine (Cecelia Simon) has an idea of how to ditch John.

Their plan: Francine will video tape Cara having sex with Dirk, and they will send it to poor John.

Francine joins in the fun, and Dirk does the camera work.

John watches the video tape in stunned silence

As revenge, he leaves the video tape on the front step of Cara's parents.

 Fine I guess, but not even up to the middling standards of this TV series.  


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  1. I remember this one from the old Playboy Channel and I always wondered if John kept a copy of that tape before he gave it to Cara's parents.