Nov 11, 2023

Sexy Urban Legends - Meet the Relatives (2002)

Season 2 Episode 6 of Sexy Urban Legends: The two tales are "Blind Date" and "Sexy Car". [See the Sexy Urban Legends Main Page]

Annoying-as-hell hosts Mick Thomas and Tony Menke treat us to another double feature of erotic tall tales.

Story #1 "Blind Date" 

Kyle (Eric Brenner) has his girlfriend Lisa (Sarah Kurz) over

Lisa strips for him 

This is the only IMDb credit for Sarah Kurz; perhaps this actress did work under another name.  But she makes a good showing here.

Kyle's roommate Brian (Ben Cruise) suddenly bursts in unexpectedly

Lisa can't abide by this and makes a phone call

She calls her friend Sarah and tells her that Brian is coming over

Lisa assures Brian that Sarah is hot, and he will be more than happy.

Before he leaves, Lisa tells Brian to get some condoms.

Brian buys a bunch of condoms from the Pharmacist (Waris Treyman)

Brian finds that Sarah (Georgia Adair) is every bit as hot and horny as was promised

They have sex all night long, and Brian goes through several condoms

Sarah is surprised her father has returned home - and Brian is surprised to see it the pharmacist who sold him the condoms.

Story #2 - "Sexy Car"

Adam (Noah Frank) and Michelle (Jessica Simone) have sexy in his piece of shit car

Sex is good, but Michelle can't handle this cramped jalopy any more.

Adam spots an advertisement for a BMW for only $500.

He goes to the seller's house and finds Bella (Kitt Pomidoro) naked by the pool

Bella leads him to the BMW

Adam can't believe this deal.  There must be a catch

Bella hands Adam the keys

Then she pulls up her dress and crawls up the stairs

Bella spreads her legs and gives him a view from above

After sex, she explains that her husband had died.  His will said to sell the BMW and the proceeds to go to a woman she knew he was cheating on her with. That's why she is selling it for so cheap. THE END

 I have to say, these were both fun and extremely sexy.  Sarah Kurz spends the entirety of the segment completely nude and in good lighting; quality entertainment at its finest.


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