Nov 1, 2023

Sexy Urban Legends: Love and Marriage (2011)


Season 1 Episode 10 "Love and Marriage": The two tales are "Valentine's Day" and "The Honeymoon Suite". I'm particularly interested in this one as Susan Featherly is a VZ1 favorite, but she was only in a limited number of film - we have long since run out of Featherly Flicks on VZ1.  Thanks to Sexy Urban Legends, we now have another. [See the Sexy Urban Legends Main Page]

Annoying-as-hell hosts Mick Thomas and Tony Menke treat us to another double feature of erotic tall tales.

Story #1 "The Honeymoon Suite"

James (Dale Rutter) and Cary (Kristal Summers) check in to a hotel on their honeymoon

They don't realize the Bellboy (Will Robertson) has taped everything with a hidden camera

A year later James and Cary return to the same hotel for their anniversary and turn on the TV. They are horrified to find a recording of their honeymoon sex is playing.

Story #2 "Valentine's Day"

The wife (Susan Featherly) explains she knew her husband was cheating

Indeed, the husband is humping many women - and recording his adventures on his camcorder.

He hears his wife come home and tells her to scram

The wife sees the woman escaping and knows he's cheating again

It's provien when she finds his video tapes 

The husband is kicked out of the house and meets Lola.  He's disturbed to find Lola is a man.

So he returns to his wife who inexplicably takes him back.

On Valentine's Day she finds a package from Lola - which includes pictures of her unit.

The wife loses control

She's arrested for murder, but the husband is there every week to visit her.

 Well, we love Susan Featherly, but we get just one rather tame sex scene.  Otherwise, a rather mediocre episode


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