Nov 17, 2023

Sexy Urban Legends - Doing It Your Way (2002)


Season 2 Episode 12 of Sexy Urban Legends: The two tales are "Final Frame" and "The Postman Comes Twice". [See the Sexy Urban Legends Main Page]

Annoying-as-hell hosts Mick Thomas and Tony Menke treat us to another double feature of erotic tall tales.

Story #1 "Final Frame" 

Mark (Miles Long) and Paris (Inari Vachs) move into their new house

Mark takes note of some action going on with the neighbors

 Shelley (Tawny Roberts) is getting some action in the backyard

This gets Mark and Paris horny

But he's interrupted by the sounds of the movers outside.  They are struggling actors and their car broke down.  Instead of offering help, Mark insults them.

Soon Mark is back inside photographing Paris

Days pass and they find a package containing photographs... of the movers scrubbing their buttholes with Mark's toothbrush.

Story #2 - "The Postman Comes Twice"

Rob (Federico Zapico) is a rich prick director.  He's cheating on his wife with starlet Corine (Laura Selway) who he films undressing.

Later, the plumber (Nick Pellegrino) tells Rob that his toilet was clogged with condoms.  He's had a vasectomy and doesn't wear them with his wife.

Sheryl (Ananda St. James) comes clean and admits she's been cheating on him with the mailman.

Rob shoots the mailmen only to learn that he's not the one Sheryl has been cheating on him with. 

Pretty standard stuff; but the level of graphic nudity is always beyond what I expect from a series like this.  I guess I should stop being surprised.  


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