Nov 16, 2023

Playing Rough and Other Tales (2003)


Three stories about the ladies getting captured, tied up, and whatnot. [Also check out the Video Zeta Inventory of other kinky films]

A Waitress (Lorelei) is assaulted as she goes to her car

She is tied up and stuffed in the trunk

The waitress naturally is frightened as she's taken on a long drive

The abductor brings the waitress inside his house

She's tied up and stuck in the closet

It ends with her being brought to the bedroom for what surely will be further bad treatment.

Segment #2 - "Good Cop Bad Cop"

Detective Knight (Cassandra Knight) waits for backup before going in the suspect's house

Knight is disappointed to see her backup is bumbling Officer Anderson (Alissa Anderson)

Knight gives directions to Anderson as they sneak in

Anderson is grabbed

Knight and Anderson are subsequently tied to chairs in the kitchen

They're saved and brought back to headquarters.  They strategize their next move.

Knight is almost immediately apprehended as she breaks in

She's told to lay on the floor and is then tied up

Officer Anderson has already been tied up.

She's rescued and told to deliver the ransom money for Knight's release

Knight is currently tied up at the criminal's place

Anderson arrives with the ransom money

But she is easily apprehended

Her dress is removed and she's tied up with Knight

 Segment #3 - "K&R Survival Inc. (Part One)"

Ms. Jade (Layla Jade) is a successful business executive

Her office is invaded and she's tied up

Her secretary Frankie (Frankie Dashwood) is also captured

They are brought to another location

Frankie and Ms. Jade try to break free

Jade tells Frankie she thinks this is fake.  It's a part of some kind of survivalist exercise.

But they quickly learn this is the real deal

Jade and Frankie are told to strip

They are posed with newspaper and sign for their ransom photographs

 I mean, it's about what you'd expect - perhaps a bit better, with some attention paid to story and setting.


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