Nov 17, 2023

Playboy's Erotic Fantasies IV: Forbidden Liaisons (1995)


A collection of stylish (and dialog free) vignettes. [See the VZ1 Series Page for additional videos in the Erotic Fantasies series]

Note that we covered this video before - but it was the French version Fantasmes and was very poor quality.

Segment #1 - "Business Lunch"

A guy fantasizes about the woman he's having lunch with

Segment #2 -  "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Stan the plumber is called to the home of two ladies.

The blonde watches him at work

A fantasy ensues

The other roommate Angela Cornell also fantasizes about the plumber

Segment #3 - "Piano Man"

Kim Sill is a prim and proper woman at a restaurant who is attracted to the piano player.

She starts to get hot and bothered and lapses into fantasy

An incredible sex scene on top of the piano ensues.  Bravo Kim Sill 

Segment #4 - "Stakeout"

A man watches Jennifer Behr through a window.

Segment #5 - "Nice Catch"

Stephanie Champlin is throwing a frisbee with her dog at a park

A ball hits a guy over the head.  He's knocked out and dreams about the frisbee girl.

He wakes up.  He sees the girl is wearing his cap, and wonders whether it really was a dream.

Segment #6 - "Double Exposure"

A gangster checks into a bed and breakfast with a suitcase full of money. Before he falls asleep, he sees a picture on the wall of two women.

That night he is visited by the ghosts of the two women in the picture - Lisa Comshaw in white and Erin O'Bryan in red.

He has sex with both of them

Lisa Comshaw (aka Tori Sinclair) delivers a nice sex scene

The next morning they find the gangster gone - and there is this mysterious photograph of the two women but now with the gangster in the picture. THE END

Not much to this, but it does feature four sexploitation all-stars: Jennifer Behr, Stephanie Champlin, Kim Sill, and Lisa Comshaw.  But it's your typical 90s Playboy video, where they try to keep things classy and the direction is competent and highly stylized. Suffice it to say, it delivers about what you'd expect.


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