Nov 16, 2023

Playboy's Erotic Fantasies III (1993)


Follows Part 2 (1992); a collection of stylish (and dialog free) vignettes [See the VZ1 Series Page for additional videos in the Erotic Fantasies series]

Segment #1 - "Midnight Madness"

Vampiresses (Monique Parent and Tori Sinclair aka Lisa Comshaw) rise from their tomb

They converge on this academic who inadvertently summoned them

A pretty amazing look at Lisa Comshaw before we go to the next segment.

Segment #2 - "Morning Splendor"

A woman (Amy Rochelle) rides horses with a guy

He fantasizes about having sex with her

Segment #3 - "Lube Job"

A woman  (Tamara Landry) waits for her car to be fixed at a mechanics shop

The mechanic takes note of the view

A rather poorly filmed fantasy sex sequence between the customer and mechanic

Segment #4 - "Beyond Repair"

A man explores a condemned building and finds old pictures.  This place may have once been a burlesque club.

He notices one old photograph in particular and fantasizes about what she may have been like...

The girl (Julie Hunter) becomes real in his fantasy and performs an incredible striptease

He fantasizes about having sex with her

Segment #5 - "Final Exam"

A teacher (Ashlie Rhey) prepares to administer the exam to her students

One of the students imagines she's in lingerie

He fantasizes about having sex with the teacher

Segment #6 - "Dream Maker"

A lonely woman (Jennifer Pooler) closes up her antique shop

She makes a wish

I guess her wish is to have sex

It's hard to care too much for a bunch of vignettes with no words. However, this edition pulls out all the stops with some real heavy lifters - Comshaw, Landry, Parent, Rhey - and lesser known ladies also pulling their weight in some truly sexy scenes. 


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