Nov 3, 2023

Pandemic (2021)


From Bree Mills' Future Darkly series; two stories within the Pandemic Anthology: "Kate and the Free Man" and "Anna and Alex". 

"Kate and the Free Man"

Kate (Cherie DeVille) has not taken to the quarantine well.

She spends her days alone, obsessively cleaning her home - petrified to leave her house.

Kate cleans her door with a Q-tip; everything is disinfected

She showers obsessively too; vigorously scrubbing herself

But inevitably her mind turns to a fantasy man...

She fantasizes about a man named Dick (Dick Chibbles).  He's anti-vax, anti-mask, and a pandemic denier... everything Kate is not.

For whatever reason, Kate aggressively masturbates thinking about Dick.

Kate attends an online therapy, but can't make it to the end...

...before she rushes to the bedroom and masturbates thinking about Dick.

Kate fantasizes that Dick has come over to her house.

She is there to greet him.  

Kate presents herself to him.  She's really doing it... but clearly there is no Dick here.

Kate fondles herself - and completely throws her obsessive cleanliness out the window - even putting her own panties in her mouth.

It reaches its climax when Kate believes she's being penetrated by Dick - and we can assume she has lost touch with reality entirely at this point.

"Anna and Alex"

The radio announces that they are lifting restrictions after thirty days of no new cases.  Alex (Lucky Fate) gets in full gear to visit his girlfriend.

Anna (Lola Fae) greets him at the door in the same biohazard protection.

Alex dutifully takes the test

Gradually they get more comfortable and start removing their protective gear.

After sex they reflect on the days ahead. THE END

The first story was great; Cherie DeVille delivers a masterclass performance.  There wasn't much to the second story - and at first it seems like just a gimmick - let's have them have sex in their pandemic gear.  However, it actually ends up being - dare I say it - touching.  


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