Nov 3, 2023

Nude Bowling Party (1995)


This is just a group of ladies bowling naked... but it features Jacqueline Lovell,  Cory Lane and Tammy Parks so it has my attention. Let's check it out.

Two teams compete: dancers versus models

Tammy Parks and Jacqueline Lovell are the models.  They have character names (Bambi and Barbie) but that so utterly pointless in this video, we'll just call them by the actress' name.

Taryn Carter and Cory Lane are the dancers

Tom Van Vlisingen and D. Power are the announcers - and I have to point out right here that this is one of the main problems with this video.  We need witty and fun commentary... instead, throughout we get soft spoken Vlisingen and boring vacuous Power. 
Scott Spiegel and Ivan Raimi are the spectators - and supposed to be comic relief. Not so much.

I will say this - it doesn't take long before they've shed all their clothing. Taryn is the first to go bottomless.

Jacqueline is next

Then Tammy

And finally Cory

They break things up with a fake commercial. Tammy pretends to be an attorney

Jacqueline plays someone who has injured herself.  She has no panties on and the film actually blurs her crotch.  I guess the view was a bit too explicit for this video.

Power gives some unfunny and lame bowling instructions

Another fake commercial

Back to the bowling.  It's been like forty plus minutes of them totally naked; after a while you almost forget they're nude.

Tammy and Jacqueline are declared the winners

"Request the novelization at finer book stores" - the funniest line of the video.

 Don't get me wrong - it's amazing that Jacqueline Lovell,  Cory Lane and Tammy Parks are completely naked for nearly an hour.  However, once they've taken all their clothes off - and you still have forty minutes of bowling left... it gets a bit lame.  I mean, we literally watch this entire bowling match.  Halfway through when everyone had already been fully naked for a while, I was thinking 'Seriously? We're going to do this for the rest of this film?"  And sure enough they did.


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