Nov 16, 2023

Naked Encounters (2005)


A man pays private investigators to find out about a woman in order to get into her pants.  But he winds up dead - and the object of his desire is the suspect.

On their first date, Elise (Cytherea) marvels at the uncanny ability of her date, Richard (Eddie Jay), to know all the things she likes.  From food to movies, he seems to know everything.

Of course this makes him irresistible to Elise.

The next day, Richard thanks Roxanne Chance (Kirsten Price) the private investigator he paid to find out information on Elise.

Roxanne's next client is Sean Dominic (Randy Spears)

Sean tells her about the woman he wants to find information on.  Her name is Sherri.

Sherri (Monique Alexander) is currently with muscle-bound brute Marcus (Lee Stone

Roxanne does her detective work and finds out information on Sherri.

This enables Sean to get into Sherri's pants.  A success story.

Even better, Roxanne catches Marcus with another woman..

Carolyn (Jodie Moore)

Roxanne poses as a photographer with Marcus - and you can guess where that leads.

After sex, Marcus demonstrates to Roxanne that he has a violent streak.

Sherri models clothing at the boutique owned by Raina (Dee)

Cole (Rafe Urquhart) is Roxanne's PI partner, who gets close to Sherri

Sherri also gets close to Raina

Cole gets that on video

So, Roxanne and Cole find Sean's body - he's dead.  And they just sort of leave him there

Roxanne has a bizarre plan. She sneaks into Raina's boutique.... and weirdly wears a wig and gets emotional over a pair of panties.  I'm confused.

Roxanne fantasizes that she's having sex with Raina

Sherri is waiting for Cole butt naked.  But he doesn't want to have sex because she seems the likely suspect - or perhaps Marcus?

Roxanne determines the killer is Raina - who is out by Sean's body.

Roxanne calls Detective Jenkins. Raina confesses to the crime saying it was done out of jealousy.

Roxanne and Cole toast to another mystery solved.

 You know what?  Not terrible. 


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