Nov 17, 2023

My Sex Life As a Ghost (1992)


(Original Title: Oltre la Vita)  A Mario Salieri production about a woman who is mugged and shot dead.  In the afterlife, she is subject to variou sexual situations in medieval times. 

Roberto (Roberto Malone) says goodbye to his wife Beatrice (Béatrice Valle) as he steps out for the evening. 

Roberto is really going to see his mistress (Lynn LeMay

The mistress strips for him

The director makes good use of the mirrored coffee table

While Robert is away, Beatrice feels a sexual yearning

The next morning, Beatrice goes to her car when a motorcycle rides up...

The muggers shoot Beatrice for her purse

She falls dead - but her spirit rises up from her body

Beatrice suddenly finds herself in the Middle Ages getting groped outside a castle window

Inside a maiden (Cjilla March) is getting manhandled by three guys including Ron Jeremy 

Beatrice is then brought inside to this guy where she's groped again

Beatrice is led to a room where a woman (Tabatha Cash) rises from a coffin.

The woman points at Beatrice and she runs away.

Tabitha jumps on this guy, and is joined by the maiden from earlier (Cjilla March

Now the dude watches while the two women take care of business

Outside, a guy and a maiden (Judith De Ville) secretly have sex

Another maiden (Susy Salvatores) watches them from behind a tree

As the maiden gets her clothes on, she is struck by a bright flashing light.

Beatrice finds herself back to the land of the living with Roberto by her side. THE END

 Granted most of this film can't even be posted on this site, as it's almost all hardcore material.  But was hoping for a bit more of the ghost business; instead it winds up being rather forgettable. 


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