Nov 12, 2023

Experiments in Love (1977)


Two researchers make full use of 3-D technology to study human sexuality. 

Before we get tot he ladies, I have to say that the retro tech in this is fabulous.  The flashing buttons and whirring mechanics of this paleo computer system is top notch.

This film unashamedly utilizes the 3-D format, constantly pulling things in and out of the foreground. In fact, the story itself revolves around 3-D, where two ladies are recording illustrations and studies of human sexuality for a thesis.

Veronica Poole (Mariwin Roberts) is the lead researcher

Amy Macadam (Linda Gordon) is her assistant.  Note that this is the only IMDb credit for Gordon.

Max Weltanschlang (Mike Ranger) is the gardener on the grounds of the laboratory.  He takes note of Veronica when she comes outside to reset a tripped fuse.

Max peeks inside and sees the gorgeous Amy and wonders what's going on in here.

Amy and Veronica go back to work

Veronica gives Amy a quick lesson stereoscopics 

She records Amy doing various things making full use of the 3-D equipment

Amy plays with a yo-yo, filmed from below with yo-yo in glorious 3-D

Playing pool

The study was a success.  Now it's time to records some 3-D footage outside

Max is intrigued by the two scientists as he struggles to concentrate on his gardening duties

Veronica films Amy playing tennis and doing chin-ups.

Back to the lab - and now they're in new outfits

More 3-D tomfoolery

Amy's bra zooms into 3-D view

A fun bit where Veronica is blown away by a special formula

Okay now time for a serious scientific study.  Amy lays on the table and prepares to be monitored for her sexual response to stimuli.

Note that the computer can talk.  They call it "Ickybod" (sp?) and it warns them of taking this experiment too far.

Veronica monitors Amy's response to various sexual stimulation.

Sensors are placed on Amy's body

Amy is tickled with a feather

Now it's time to kick things up a notch with an aphrodisiac

Amy goes into orgiastic convulsions

Veronica takes some herself

It's too much for the computer to handle and the meter blows out.

Veronica, still affected by the aphrodisiac, throws herself at Max and they have sex

For the final experiment they will monitor actual sex - between Amy and Max

Unfortunately they employ some psychedelic effects.  The sex blows the machine out.

Afterwards, they celebrate their success with some champagne. THE END

 This is right in the Video Zeta One wheelhouse.  It's super odd, a total novelty, and incredibly sexy. It's only about thirty minutes, but they pack a lot into the time, and could have easily padded and extended these scenes to reach full length - but they wisely did not.  I loved every frame of this weird sexploitation artifact.


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  1. This was a lot of fun. I loved when the computer's "grabber" would reach out and pinch them. Just wish I could have watched in 3D.