Nov 10, 2023

Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills (2015)


A nosy housewife gets suspicious of her neighbors who turn out to be vampires.

Vlad Dracula (Daniel Hunter) brings Maria (Cassandra Cruz) to his castle.

But he just can't help himself and bites her neck, killing her

His wife Morticia "Tish" (Adriana Chechik) returns and is disappointed to find he's done it again.

Maria is dead - and Trish is concerned this will inspire the villagers to storm the castle once again.

Just then Alexa (Sarah Hunter) bursts in.

Vlad and Trish hide

Alexa sees Maria's body and sprinkles holy water on it.  Maria briefly resuscitates as a vampire, but then evaporates into smoke. Trish and Vlad decide it's time to retreat to their summer home in Beverly Hills.
Jane (Jacqui Holland) and Bob (Brandon Ruckdashel) will be their new neighbors

Bob is a rich lawyer who is always flirted with by Stacy (Jazy Berlin) his secretary

Trish and Vlad check out their Beverly Hills home then have sex

Jane watches them and notices some suspicious activity

Bob puts aside such concerns and they have sex on the stairs

Jane and Stacy plan for their charity event - Society to Help Itinerant Transients (SHIT) 

Back at work Stacy hits on Bob again - and this time is successful

Jane decides to greet her new neighbors Trish and Vlad

She notices she can't see them in her compact mirror

She happens to run into Alexa at a club and informs her of the vampires

They snoop into the vampire's home and Jane gets spooked - running home in a panic.  Alexa catches up to her and they have sex. 

At the club, Stacy is put under hypnosis by Vlad

They have sex in the bathroom

Vlad can't help himself and murders her - biting her neck and saying "Trish is going to kill me."

Jane confronts Trish

But Trish puts her under a hypnotic trance

Alexa is also brought into the fold

Trish can't resist the urge to kill both of them.

The epilogue has Stacy showing up at their door as a vampire. THE END

 Granted, this wasn't that good - but it was a lot more comprehensible and story driven that you might think.  Movies like this generally are just a bunch of humping with precious little in between; here we have a legit story and attempts at humor.  Exceeds expectations, but expectations were mighty low.


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