Nov 17, 2023

Dead Sexy (2001)


Shannon Tweed erotic thriller about a cop who goes undercover to catch a killer and.... well, these are all the same.  You don't need me to tell you the rest.

Georgia Gaines (Holly Sampson) is busy having sex with a mystery guy

She puts on a nightshirt and goes out to the balcony

The mystery man picks her up and throws her off

She lands in the pool; dead. According to IMDb, Holly Sampson got a bad flu because she spent hours filming this scene at night in a freezing pool. She lost a lot of weight the next few days, so she was really thin when she reported for her role as the lead in the series Emmanuelle 2000 a week after wrapping this movie. This is odd because she is only on-camera floating in this pool naked a few seconds.

Kate McBain (Shannon Tweed) is on the scene

Kate works alongside two douche bags: Billy Trainer (Eric Keith) the young hotshot and Rackles (Sam J. Jones) the seasoned detective.

Billy and Rackles are absolutely worthless; all they do is make sexist asshole remarks and posit wrong theories that help no one.

Kate tells Rackles she has concerns about Billy.  He's waltzing around with expensive clothes and watches on a police officer's salary.  He must be corrupt.

Heather LaBow (Katie Lohmann) chugs some liquid courage

She has sex with the mystery man by a ledge

He then breaks her neck and throws her over the ledge 

Grumpy Captain Snyder (Kenneth White) is even more worthless than Rackles and Billy, if that can be imagined.

Kate meets with Patricia Pollard (Maria Mayenzet), a madam who had the two dead girls in her employment.

Patricia explains how she got into the prostitution business and we get a needless flashback featuring a brunette (Nancy Vee); an old friend who inspired her to join the whoring biz.

Rackles points out that the dead whors were all with a suspect named Blue.

Liliana (Mary Shannon) works with Patricia and owns a strip club.

She meets with Kate who wants to go undercover as one of her whores to be set up with the billionaire named Blue.

Miyoko Fujimori does a pretty good striptease

Another stripper (Farrah) gets in Kate's face

 Kate plays hooker for Blue Dresden (John Enos III)

They have sex - and I'm pretty positive that is a body double for Tweed

The number of times Kate and Lillian connect on the phone... was there no editing team?

Of course Blue is a creep and made to seem like the prime suspect - and of course Kate falls for him.

Kate finds out that Lillian has been set up with a high paying customer.

Mary Shannon providing a pretty damn good scene

Of course she ends up dead

Kate and Billy rush up to the room - but they're too late and find Lillian dead.

It seems like Rackles is the killer; Kate blows him away.

Twist: the film indicates that Rackles wasn't really the killer.  Blue is the killer and he's with Kate. THE END

 So predictable and clumsy; we've seen it all before.  But it's biggest crime is not having Shannon Tweed provide a proper nude scene.


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