Nov 3, 2023



Yes, it's another Japanese time-stop movie. Once you go down these weird Japanese sexploitation vortexes, it's hard to get out. [See the Time Stop Movie Main Page for more information on time stop flicks - also see the JAV main page] In this edition, Minami Hatsukawa is an anchorwoman victimized by the keeper of the time stop device.

The TV news team is about ready to go on air

A crew member finds an interesting device with red and green buttons

When he presses the red button time seems to stand still

He presses green and it resumes. The news is on air and they recount a typhoon approaching.

The red button is pressed, time stops, and our guy focuses his attention on the anchorwoman Minami Hatsukawa.

With Minami in a frozen state, the crewmember abuses and rapes her

Time is allowed to proceed. Minami is alarmed, but they have no idea what really just happened.

In the dressing room, the time-stop device is again put to use

Minami is again abused while frozen in time

He tries to return Minami to her original position before resuming time.

Minami is on air with a cooking segment

The button is pressed

The crewmember is a bit of prankster.  He pulls up Minami's dress while they're frozen.

When time resumes, she is embarrassed.

He does this again

Minami leaves work - and is again victim of the time-stop

Time resumes, but he is nowhere near his device.  So, he has to physically restrain Minami.

Minami is brought to the back room and raped

The news must go on - but this time there is a warning of a mystery molester.  THE END

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