Nov 2, 2023



Regarding the naming convention, since we haven't covered one of these yet: uncensored JAV videos use the the studio name abbreviation, the 6-digit release date followed by a sequential number (Example: 1pon -071313_626) See the JAV Main Page for more. This is another Time Stop flick [See the Time Stop Movie Main Page] and stars Yuki Sasaki.

Yuki Sasaki is the secretary for the president of the company

The president steps out and our pervy time bandit steps in.  He clicks his magic button.

Yuki freezes in time, and the time pervert goes to work

The guy steps out of the room and clicks to resume time.  Yuki snaps out of it and wonders how she ended up naked.

The president finds out about this wonderful timepiece and borrows it.

Poor Yuki is once again frozen in time and abused

Yuki snaps out of it, but is again frozen by the time bandit

Yuki has her clothes removed in the middle of the office space while frozen

Poor Yuki again snaps out of it, and wonders how she got in the position. THE END

 Well, it was nice that it was uncensored, but I suppose the uncensored varieties are a little more bare bones.  I prefer the Rocket studio offerings which seem to have a little more production value and interesting flavor.  

[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and the JAV main page

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