Nov 11, 2023

Call Girl Wives (2005)


When their husbands head off to a hunting trip, their wives decide to try out being brothel whores.

Amanda (Shyla Stylez) says a sad tearful goodbye to her husband as he goes to a hunting trip. 

But it was all a ruse.  Taimie (Taimie Hannum) calls to excitedly announce their sleepover. 

Amanda also happily talks with her friend Ashley (Ashley Long) planning the event now that their husbands are away.

Amanda gets prettied up

Ashley takes a shower

They all meet at Amanda's house (which supposedly really used to be owned by Marilyn Monroe) 

They have sex by the fire

But afterward, they get bored and run out of ideas of what to do.

Taimie happens to have a fiend who is a brothel madam (Brittany Andrews)

The Madam explains how things work around here

Taimie is the first to get with a john

Ashley asks Taimie how it was; she says it was way better than sex with her husband

Ashley gives it a go.

Taimie meets with Julie (Julie K. Smith) a prostitute at the brothel.  This was actually filmed during a break on the set of The Witches of Breastwick (2005).

Amanda nervously gets ready for her first customer

She starts out nervous and awkward

But soon the john's nose is between her legs

Ashley dreams about their experiences that night

She goes to meet the madam and they have sex on the grounds

In the final scene we see that the women have left their husbands to work at the brothel. THE END

 More than ample amount of sex and nudity, but still a forgettable dud.


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