Nov 11, 2023

Beverly Hills Bordello S1.E17 (1996)


Beverly Hills Bordello Season 1, Episode 17 "Inspiration" - this episode features Jennifer Burton and Gabriella Hall. [See the Beverly Hills Bordello Main Page for all episodes]

Henry Gladstone (Richard Neil) is struggling to write his erotic novel

In his novel, the character of Henry meets this beautiful woman Candace (Gabriella Hall)

Henry can't get aroused; Candace says, "What's the matter Henry, you don't like what you see? Maybe you need to see a little bit more. "  And proceeds to remove her panties.

An unusually good close-up for Gabriella Hall

Henry goes to see Madame Veronica Winston (Nicole Gian) to get inspired 

She sets him up with prostitute Helen (Jennifer Burton)

But it just doesn't work. Henry calls it quits, leaving Helen feeling inadequate 

Henry resumes his novel with Candace, but still can't get it going

Henry returns to the bordello and his set up with a girl who happens to be exactly like Candace

This proves to do the trick and Henry is able to complete his novel by the deadline.

 I love both Burton and Hall, so this was a total winner - with the cherry on top being a close-up of Hall.


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