Nov 11, 2023

Beverly Hills Bordello S1.E15 (1996)


Beverly Hills Bordello Season 1, Episode 15 "The Assignment" - this episode features Stephanie Swift and Nicole Gian. [See the Beverly Hills Bordello Main Page for all episodes]

Veronica Winston (Nicole Gian) is interviewed by a reporter David Abbot (Steve Grabowsky). She explains what got her started in the business.

She says it began in college when she saw her roommate Julia (Jacklyn Lick) getting pounded

Veronica takes David on a tour.  She lets him watch through a 2-way mirror

He watches a blonde whore (Christine Bailey) do her thing

The client  (Stephanie Swift) turns out to be a woman

Veronica let's David try her own merchandise 

 I suppose it was nice to see Gian take center stage for once, and I do like Swift.  However, the sex scenes and nudity are filmed terribly.  Worst episode yet.


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