Nov 11, 2023

Beverly Hills Bordello S1.E11 (1996)


Beverly Hills Bordello Season 1, Episode 11 "Use Your Imagination" - this episode features Nichole McAuley [See the Beverly Hills Bordello Main Page for all episodes]

Fiona (Nichole McAuley) and Felix (Jeff Rector) tell stories while having sex

They imagine they're a prostitute and john at a bordello

Fiona indicates that she'd like to make that fantasy a reality, but Felix says it can't happen.

Felix talks to Veronica Winston (Nicole Gian) about actualizing this fantasy

Back at home, Fiona is getting aroused just thinking about the prospect of being a whore

She goes to the bordello and actually tries out being one of her prostitutes

Jake (Chris Villa) and Amanda (Claudine Jennings) are on Veronica's staff and enlisted to help.

Jake is assigned to take care of Fiona

Amanda is take care of Felix

Jake does Fiona 

Then Felix steps in to take over

Nothing to write home about with this one. Next.


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