Nov 11, 2023

Beverly Hills Bordello S1.E10 (1996)


Beverly Hills Bordello Season 1, Episode 10 "Better Than the Couch" - this episode features De'Ann Power. [See the Beverly Hills Bordello Main Page for all episodes]

 John Carlye (John McCafferty) requests the "honeymoon suite" at the bordello

There he finds his "wife" Muriel Carlye (Kat Facchino)

John confesses to his therapist Dr. Adler (Marshal Hilton) that this isn't actually true.  His real wife left him.  These are just role playing fantasies he engages in at the bordello.

He fills the void his wife left him with the fake wife Muriel.

The doctor thinks this is unhealthy.  John provides further details.

If he doesn't want Muriel, he gets a different woman named Linda (De'Ann Power)

The beauty is that he doesn't have to choose.  He can have both Linda and Muriel

This fantasy makes a believer out of the therapist and he goes to the bordello himself.

 A fairly forgettable episode, but I'll watch anything with D'Ann Power.


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