Nov 12, 2023

Abducted by the Daleks (2005)


From Roman Nowicki the demented genius behind the Fantom Kiler movies comes this notoriously bizarre take on Doctor Who.

Four ladies returning from a club drive down a lonely dark road

Suddenly they run into an alien standing in the middle of the road

This causes them to wreck. 

So they trudge through the forest with Anna (Lina Black) leading the way

Followed by Barbara (Sonja Karina) and Sylvia (Katarzyna Zelnik

And finally Isabella (Eliza Borecka)

They don't realize that Daleks are watching from their spacecraft

They focus on Isabella

"Activate the transponder"

Isabella randomly removes her dress

Isabella has her foot caught and can't move

She suddenly finds herself aboard the spacecraft with the Daleks

Barbara and Sylvia take this time to fool around

They too are transported onto the Daleks' spacecraft

Sylvia and Barbara are chained to the wall, with Isabella in the center of the room

They are shocked to find that Anna has become allied with the Daleks

Anna whips her former friends 

The Daleks shoot at them

Sylvia and Barbara seem to have been killed

Anna 2 (Maria Vaslova) - Anna is transported back to the forest - but there has been a molecular transformation and she looks different.

Anna finds one of the girl's purse and looks at her reflection in a mirror, seeing she has a new appearance.

She quickly becomes the prisoner of a Hunter (Terry Barlet)

The hunter says he's using her as bait to catch the Serial Skinner who has been terrorizing these woods.

The Daleks are observing the whole thing

The Serial Skinner (Lenny Delmore) does show up.  He kills the hunter then is about to carve up Anna.

Suddenly the Serial Skinner is gone

He's been zapped aboard the spacecraft. The Daleks destroy him.

Anna manages to get free

She reports her case to the police

She turns around and is horrified to see a Dalek enter the station. THE END

This film gets a lot of condescending hate. I think it is mainly due to the Doctor Who connection, where a lot of eyes landed on this film who would otherwise never consider watching something like this.  Those that can't appreciate this smutty camp clearly weren't brought up on sleazy comics (Italian fumetti in my case) 

There's a lot of derogatory remarks about the bad acting.  This is because the Eastern European actresses weren't dubbed, and barely can mumble out their lines - but I love this, and prefer it to dubbing.  And if you're going to get technical Eliza Borecka actually acts really well.  Add to the fun concept and the lurid Nowicki flair, you have some extremely hot women.  No, it wasn't great - but there's also a lot to like about this and the other Eastern European sleaze from Nowicki and crew (see below). It really deserves a 6/10 but adding an extra star because I'm irritated reading other reviews.


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