Nov 1, 2023

Strippers from Another World (2013)


Two nerds are allowed to pledge into a sorority as a prank. When they are abducted by aliens and given a makeover, suddenly they outshine the most popular girls in Gamma Phi.

AKA Wild Women

Heidi (Sophia Bella) and Bunny (Christie Stevens) are bitchy Gamma Phi girls. Bunny says, "We're going to try and find the biggest losers on campus and pledge them to Gamma Phi... can you imagine how much fun we'll have hazing some nerdy wannabes? 

The perfect nerds are in the class with them: Anita (Krissy Lynn) and Marge (Erika Jordan)

Bunny has sex with frat king Carl (Ryan Driller)

Marge and Anita naively show up at the Gamma Phi house for their initiation 

Bunny informs the nerds that they'll have to have one day's work at a strip club as part of the hazing.

The Candy Cat (this is clearly a real place)

Tasha Reign is a stripper there

The girls are too nerdy and denied a job as strippers

Marge sees a light in the sky and makes a wish

The light wasn't a shooting star, but rather a space ship. They are transported aboard.

An alien voice says it will grant them their wish if they'll act out their "carnal cravings"

The demonstration complete, the alien grants them their wish...

They are given a makeover and turned into hotties

They show up for class the next day and turn heads

Heidi assures Bunny she's still the hottest girl in school

Back to the Candy Cat where Tasha Reign dances

This time Marge and Anita are allowed onstage

Marge gives a private lap dance to Carl

The girls find that, despite their new hotness and success at the strip club, they are still in danger of not getting into the sorority.  Once Bunny is declared sorority president they will get kicked out.

They beg frat boy Bruce for help

In exchange for this favor Bruce will help with their plan

With Bruce's help, Marge actually wins the sorority presidency. However, the alien voice returns and she realizes this isn't her bag.  It's what's on the inside that counts.  She and Anita leave the sorority. THE END

 This was a pretty fun one, I have to say.  Erika Jordan is always a knockout.


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