Nov 3, 2023

My Best Friend's Wife 2 (2003)


A guy asks his best friend to take care of his wife while he's away.  Lee Majors once asked Ryan O'Neil to do that for his wife Farrah Fawcett and we know how that turned out.

Doug (Frankie Cullen) and his wife Jenny (Akira Lane) return home with their friend Jeff (Rafe) after a game of paintball.
Jeff heads to bed; Doug and Jenny have sex

Ladies and gentlemen, we're already a quarter of the way through this movie. It's ridiculous.  The paintball scene and this sex scene take up some run time.

Doug is going on a trip and asks Jeff to check in on Jenny while he's away

Jeff has to come by and fix some plumbing

This almost turns into something but Doug calls

Jeff's sister (Allysin Chaynes)

She brings a date home and they have sex

Jeff's sister worries he's not getting any action so invites over her friend (Dru Berrymore).

The friend immediately gets to work

After, Jeff's sister has sex with her friend

Jeff goes to check on Jenny

He catches sight of her bending over looking for a CD

Jenny is done messing around and jumps on Jeff

She calls Doug - and he talks to Jeff saying, "Better you than someone else I don't know."

With license to screw his best friend's wife, Jeff goes to town on Jenny. THE END

 Nothing going on here aside from some decent sex scenes.  Moving right along. 


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