Der lüsterne Türke (1972)

(AKA The Lustful Turk ) A silly Erwin C. Dietrich film if there ever was one, but for fans of Ingrid Steeger, this cannot be missed. It's based on the 1828 novel about an English girl who is kidnapped in North Africa and subjected to torture.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: A pretty bad movie, but for Ingrid Steeger - wowza. Not sure if she's featured this prominently into a film with so much nudity. Sure, she's getting tortured and assaulted for most of it, but somehow Dietrich tries to play this all as a campy comedy (go figure), and it doesn't seem quite so bad - at least that's what I'm telling myself. Regardless, this is required viewing for Steeger-ites.


Jallu No. 9, 1972 | Men (Germany) October 1972 | Neue Revue No.7 February 1972

Ingrid Steeger has graced the covers of so many magazines from all over the world, it would be impossible to post them all. So, let's just look at the year this film came out - 1972 (and even this is just a partial list).

Reeperbahn Sex Illustrierte No. 21 May 18, 1972 | Pop (Italy) No. 8 1972 | Scope (South Africa) April 14, 1972

Spontan No.11 November 1972 | Wochenend No.52 December 20, 1972 | Zeta, January 1972


The Sultan (Arnold Marquis) enjoys his harem girls. A belly dancer (Pia Trajun) performs for the Sultan. Fatima (Angelica Wehbeck) tells him a story. It begins with a horny slave trader in Algiers (Gerd Duwner). He's listed as Ali in the IMDb credits, but they call him Omar (and Ali is a character we meet later). So, I'm confused - and will just call him Omar. He tries to get it on with his wife Suleima (Eva Curtis) but she always resists his affection. Omar's eunuch (Günther Notthoff) presents him with Eliza (Ingrid Steeger), an English girl captured by Moorish pirates. Omar inspects the merchandise. Omar is sure that Eliza will fetch a handsome price. Eliza is carried off.Eliza is passed out in her cell. Omar and his eunuch servants gather round. Her wig is removed and she wakes up. The eunuchs force Eliza into clothes suitable for a Tunisian aristocrat. Eliza is strong-willed and struggles for what seems like ten minutes, resisting being put into clothing.

Eliza is finally dressed for sale. She is sold to Ali, the Bei of Tunisia (Claus Tinney). Ali tries to rape her, but Eliza is too defiant and won't relent. So, Ali has Eliza tied up and tortured. Ali chains Eliza up and whips her mercilessly. Every once and a while we check back in with Fatima to remind us she is still telling this story to the Sultan. Back to Tunisia where the torture continues for Eliza. Omar and Suleima receive news on the true identity of Eliza. He rushes off to Tunisia. Suleima finds that Eliza has a husband who was also captured by the pirates. He must also be captive in the slave markets. Ali finally has exhausted Eliza's will. With her tied up, he rapes her. The eunuch unties Eliza, barely conscious.

Eliza's husband (Don Geilo) is brought to Suleima. Eliza has a dream about her husband. But now they are both captives. Eliza at the mercy of Ali, and her husband getting humped by Suleima. Omar makes it to Ali's palace. They are serviced by two of Ali's harem. Jutta Albrecht the blonde. Eliza has plans to use a dagger on Ali. She pretends to finally be ready and willing for sex while concealing the dagger. After wearing him out she cuts his dick off. Eliza's husband and Suleima have made it to Ali's palace. Eliza tries to blend in with the orgy as a servant girl. She spots her husband and they are reunited. THE END


  1. I have a copy of the original novel this was based on. I have yet to summon up the courage to read it.


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