Jun 24, 2023

Catalog Sex Slaves (1977)


(Original Title: Sarabande porno) Two rich friends spend their time purchasing female sex slaves; eventually they try to give it a whirl themselves and put themselves on the market.

Wild Malibu Weekend! (1995)


Female contestants compete on a game show for cash and an acting role.  The girls play a variety of games such as Twister and musical chairs in their bikinis. 

Operation Orient (1978)


(Original Title: Ishyri dosi... sex) A Greek action movie about a race between opposing criminal factions all after a stolen statue full of heroine.

Holiday Greetings from Unterhöschen (1973)


(Original Title: Urlaubsgrüße aus dem Unterhöschen) An inn located in the beautiful Upper Bavarian countryside has fallen on hard times due to the guests being primarily the elderly.  Two advertising guys reinvigorate the establishment by bringing in a more swinging clientele. I presumed this was going to be a fairly tame Lederhosen film since it's one of the earlier ones.  In some ways it is, but it also has a ridiculous amount of nudity.

Video Zeta List - Top Nude Scenes 1990


Okay, time for another round of the best nude scenes by year.  Today, let's go with 1990 - not the best of years for exploitation film.  The  slashers and teen sex comedies had mostly come and gone.  And the late-night cable erotic thrillers hadn't yet hit Skinemax.  Your best avenue to see a sexploitation film was the video store - and the old-school establishments had already been swept away by bigger chains less inclined to stock their shelves with problematic cassettes.  So, it was definitely a deep valley in the history of sexploitation cinema, yet still it survives.  Let's have a look at the 50 best scenes the year had to offer.  But first, a few quick words about how these are ranked.  

The Rites of Frankenstein (1973)


(Original Title: La maldición de Frankenstein) Jesús Franco directs this madness - and it really does feel like a madman's hallucination.  Dr. Frankenstein's daughter is compelled into the service of a sorcerer and his bird woman (!) to create a master race of monsters.

Second Coming Of Eva (1975)


(Original Title: Porr i skandalskolan) A girl is sent to a private school for girls when she's caught masturbating.  However, the school proves to provide the opposite of a chaste life, as it's run by a sex crazed aristocrat - who must keep his bad habits secret in order to inherit his fortune.

Swapping Partners (1976)


(Original Title: Échanges de partenaires) Two couples get together: one on a honeymoon, the other the honeymoon is long since over, on the verge of divorce.  Along comes a sister who tempts and sabotages their relationships.

Three Shades of Flesh (1977)


(AKA Orgien Des Fleisches) As the title indicates, the story centers around three girls of different race: black, asian and white. They decide to stop being led around by men; instead they will take charge in the sex department - even keeping score.

Treasure (1997)


An objectively terrible film from every conceivable measure.  A lawyer has information on the location of buried treasure. She enlists the help of two studs, but they are competing against a family out for the same booty.

The Joy of Flying (1977)


A bored unsatisfied wife becomes inspired for sexual adventure from a book - which leads her to a jetsetting playboy.

The Porno Loves of Eva (1979)


(Original Title: I porno amori di Eva) The first porn film to have been screened in an Italian cinema - however, the original hardcore version no longer exists (and I'm doubtful the main actresses even performed in them).  The story, such as it is, involves a girl who goes to stay with her uncle and finds everyone to be much more sexually liberated than back home.  

Diary of a Half Virgin (1969)


(Original Title: Eva - Den utstötta) There's nudity and problematic scenes, but this isn't exactly what you'd call a sexploitation film. It's actually a thoughtful and artistic drama - but with enough sleaze to make it worth our while.  The story involves a girl who comes from a poor foster family.  She develops early and becomes sexually active at a young age - which lands her in trouble with the law.  However, it turns out that much of the town - both high and low caste - have had unbecoming dalliances with her that would prove embarrassing in court.

Games for an Unfaithful Wife (1976)


(Original Title: Blue Ecstasy aka Extases extra-conjugales) A cheating husband leaves a message for his wife on their anniversary to do everything that makes her happy.  While he's away, she takes the message literally - and the rest of the film is just that gag.

Schulmadchen Sex (1983)


So, there is a hardcore version and the softcore version called Flotte Biester auf der Schulbank.. which I'm presuming made more sense.  Often, critical plot points get cut in favor of extended sex scenes, and I suspect that happened here.  Regardless, the basic point is that a school teacher inherits a condom factory (and in the hardcore version this is utterly meaningless).  Also, the school principal is a judgemental conservative; however, he seems to be a bit of hypocrite.

L'archisexe (1975)


An actress tells her shrink about her various fantasies and sexual encounters... and that's the story in its entirety. 

22 cm (1977)


(Original Title: 2 cm oder einige Erlebnisse des stellungssuchenden Gerd M.)  A well endowed loser drifts from job to job.  Eventually his parallel story crosses paths with two women who make their living drugging and stealing from male victims.

Jun 22, 2023

Video Zeta Spotlight Loreta Tovar


Loreta "Loli" Tovar was born on March 23, 1952 in Extremadura, Spain as María Dolores del Loreto Tovar. An extremely beautiful woman, and always a reliable source of nudity in horror and sex comedies. She worked steadily in film throughout the seventies then finishing out her career on TV in the early to mid eighties.  

Goin' All the Way! (1981)


Like all teen sex comedies during this era (what you might call the golden age of teen sex comedies), the main character is in search of getting laid.  His girlfriend won't put out, and this causes problems in their relationship.

Gamiani (1981)


Based on the erotic novel Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess by French author Alfred de Musset published in 1833. Two nights of excess indeed - this movie is basically one long sex scene as the three protagonists screw around, interrupted only by bits of boring dialog.  Featuring the late great Andrea Albani.

Bambina (1974)


(Original Title: Le farò da padre) A silly Italian sex comedy... but when you pause for five seconds you realize it's one of the most disturbing films ever.  A scoundrel intends to get rich from a real estate venture but he needs the countess' money to finance it.  She has a stipulation - he needs to marry her daughter.  No problem, right?  Well, nevermind that she's 18 and many years his junior... she's also apparently mentally challenged (!)... so handicapped and sexually deranged that the scoundrel wants to have her raped (!) so he can get out of the marriage due to her loss of virginity(!)... did I mention this was a comedy?

The Girls of Ukraine (1993)


Sorry, just couldn't help myself and had to take a look at this old VHS highlighting the ladies of Ukraine, fresh out of Soviet rule.

Hell's Kitten (1972)


Would be just another cheapo skin flick save for the fact that it stars the late great Sandy Dempsey.  For some reason I found this one of her best performances; the movie sucks, but Dempsey owns every frame of this picture and demonstrates why she's so beloved among vintage sexploitation fans.

Lesbian August (1974)


(Original Title: Lesviakos Avgoustos) A Greek film about the various conflicts that stem from a brief affair between a fisherman and an aristocrat's daughter.

Hot Young Widows (1978)


(Original Title: Veuves en chaleur) A creep uses the obituaries to get access to grieving widows to take advantage of them.

Dear Throat (1973)

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Jun 18, 2023

Video Zeta List - Top Nude Scenes 1984


Going through Mr. Skin's list from twenty years ago (VZ1 List #12) inspired me to make a similar list; however, there's just too many to really do it justice.  I mean, we've covered well over 4K films at this point.  So, maybe looking at it year by year might be the best way to tackle this.  So, let's pick a random year and give it go.  This round it's 1984!

The Lustful Turk (1972)


(Original Title: Der lüsterne Türke) A silly Erwin C. Dietrich film if there ever was one, but for fans of Ingrid Steeger, this cannot be missed as she is nude throughout.  It's based on the 1828 novel about an English girl who is kidnapped in North Africa and subjected to torture.

Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street (1976)


This is a lot more interesting than the dumb inapplicable title would indicate. Three women, a flight attendant, a maid and a pop star, all try to commit suicide after suffering misfortune.  In the hospital, they are visited by a mysterious woman named Maud who offers them an alternative - a "joyous death" by joining her at her mansion and live out out their final days having sex.

Initiation of a Married Woman (1983)


(Original Title: L'initiation d'une femme mariée) Simon and Babeth appear to be a content couple, but they have contrasting desires when it comes to sex. Babeth lacks enthusiasm for it, while Simon is quite the opposite. However, things turn on a dime as the couple discover that public sex is what works Babeth and they escalate to greater and greater levels of public displays of debauchery. Featuring the great Cathy Ménard.

Journey to Orgasmland (1977)


(Original Title: Reise ins Orgasmusland) Technically could be a Schulmädchen-Report film as it consists of a bunch of sex themed vignettes with a wraparound story. And speaking of story, there really isn't one; however, it is notable in that it stars some well-known faces from German sexploitation including Britt Corvin.

Jun 16, 2023

Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)


(Original title: Papaya dei Caraibi) A group of geologists endeavors to relocate a indigenous cannibal community from an island for the purpose of conducting atomic research and building a nuclear reactor. However, the cannibals' female leader cunningly eliminates them individually through seduction.

Video Zeta Spotlight Luanne Roberts


Luanne Roberts was in a number of exploitation films and also appeared in small TV roles throughout the early seventies. She was on Mannix, Mission Impossible, Ironside, Police Story, Daniel Boone, Barnaby Jones, Adam-12 and Cannon. She had bit parts in mainstream movies such as Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Myra Breckinridge and Bonnie's Kids. Despite being tangentially working in mainstream family friendly films, she was not hesitant to take it all off in exploitation cinema.

Let's take a tour through her exploitation film career. You'll note that 1970 was clearly Luanne's year, appearing in about fifteen trashy flicks in just this one year. Also notable is that Luanne almost exclusively plays bit parts, often appearing in just a scene or two.

The Princess and the Call Girl (1984)


(AKA The Fantasies of Miss Jones) Radley Metzger's last film - a story about two women, resembling each other, exchange roles: one being a wealthy socialite and the other a prestigious escort.

Depravación (1982)


A sadistic chain-smoking asshole returns to abuse an old flame, but is too haunted by his dead wife. When he finds her look-a-like, the guy goes full psycho.

Spikey's Magic Wand (1973)


Harry Reems can't get it up at home, but seems to have no problem at work.  To solve the age-old issue of impotence, he invents a sex machine. This is an extremely odd flick which seems take place in the future - but in that kitschy Clockwork Orange type of style.  Also note that Different Strokes and Dr. Snake und die geilen Baby Dolls (German) are different versions of Spikey's Magic Wand.

Erotic Cruise (1977)


(Original Title: Croisière érotique pour couples complaisants) Two couples go sailing and after having sex for half the movie are kidnapped by pirates.

Bathman from the Planet Eros (1982)


(Original Title: Bathman dal pianeta Eros) To say this Italian "Batman" porno is strange would not come close to describing it.  Let's just have a look...

Diedre in Danger (1990)


New Year's Eve 1989, Diedre is witness to a murder.  She's subsequently in cooperation with a detective while being pursued by the killer.

Naturellement (2002)


Since we're taking a look at another round of nudist films, let's have a look at this French film about a normal middle-aged couple who stay at a vacation house with friends - who turn out to be nudits. Also, check out the full list of nudism films covered on VZ1 here]

Euronaturally (2003)


Charlie Simonds released a series of travelogue nudist films on VHS in the UK.   Thus far, we've covered Cap d'Agde Naked City (2000) and Alice's Naked Summer (2004). [Check out the full list of nudism films covered on VZ1 here] In this episode, Charlie and four girls tour the Euronat in France.

Adventures in Freedom (2004)


Synetech Video Company released a number of "naturist" videos, produced and directed by Charles MacFarland. As in Wandering Free (2009) we follow Shannon in her travels - this time in Madrid, Ibiza and the Czech Republic. 

Virgin Dreams (1996)


A truly bizarre film from Alex De Renzy; the fighter pilot turned adult film pioneer ended his career with a bunch of throwaway butthole movies. However, this can be considered his last "proper" adult film, returning to the creative mayhem style we once knew. The film is about concerned parents who are perplexed by their children's unusual behavior. Jaime Gillis, an educator at their school, possesses the ability to mesmerize individuals. Unbeknownst to the parents, he harbors a clandestine past as a reformed criminal named Willy Wanker, driven by a vengeful desire to retaliate against the offspring of those women who once spurned him.

Extra Marital Orgies (1981)


After a night of partying in Paris, two couples need a place to crash for the night.  They stay with a prudish girl who insists that boys and girls sleep in separate rooms.  Things don't go as planned.

Jun 14, 2023

The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970)


Sappho is sold into slavery and purchased as a sex toy for Aphrodite and Apollo.  But will her lover Paris come to her rescue?

Hostages of Lust (1973)


(Original Title: Το νησί της αμαρτίας, AKA Piacere carnale, Violent Rape, Island of 1000 Rapes) A Greek film that belongs on our Home Invasion List - featuring two escaped convicts who hold a rich family hostage.  One of the criminals is plagued by the memory of his abusive wife.

Sinful Obsession (1999)


Nikki Fritz plays a bored housewife who becomes a prostitute to let off her sexual steam.  However, one of her clients turns out to be a psycho.

Video Zeta List - Women In Prison Films: 1990s


[Also see the 1970s WIP List and 1980s WIP List as well as the WIP page for a list of all the Women In Prison films covered on VZ1] The WIP genre seemed to have run its course in the 1990s.  Like the slasher film, the tropes had become so predictable that they naturally led to self-parody.  But there still were some remnants who carried the torch  - and the genre also found a home on adult video. So, the pickings were slimmer than in the previous couple decades, but the WIP genre was still was alive and well.

Video Zeta List - Women In Prison Films: 1980s


[Also see the 1970s WIP List and 1990s WIP List as well as the WIP page for a list of all the Women In Prison films covered on VZ1 ] The 1980s were an interesting decade for the WIP genre.  The tropes and rules had become well-established - and like the slasher film, the filmmakers often winked at the camera as they followed the cliches as the genre became self-aware.  The often brutal and nihilistic bent of the seventies WIP films carried over into the early eighties, but for the most part had become campy by mid-decade.  Still problematic in content, but the grittiness was largely gone.

Jun 13, 2023

Video Zeta List - Mr. Skin's Top 100


First off, this is definitely not a VZ1 list - this is from the 2003 list from Mr. Skin (twenty years ago!). If this were a VZ1 list, it would have Jacqueline Laurent's crab attack scene in Lorna the Exorcist, Azucena Hernández' shower scene in El erótico enmascarado (1980), or when Nikki Fritz puts on a clinic for how nude scenes are done in Beach Babes from Beyond (1993)... and those are just what pop to mind.

One day we'll put together a VZ1 list. For now, let's just see what the grandaddy Mr. Skin included in the top 100 - obviously with more of a bent towards cultural impact and celebrity level.