Jun 6, 2016

Black Tie Nights - The Sex Sense S01E05 (2004)


A TV series about two friends who start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.  While not terribly original - in fact pretty paint-by-numbers for late night cable erotica, it does feature many sexploitation all-stars of the day. This one has a supernatural bent and stars Belinda Gavin. Not to be confused with The Sex Sense (1981). [See the Season One Black Tie Nights Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a list of all Black Tie episodes]

Season 1, Episode 5 - "The Sex Sense"

Cooper Snow (Tiffany Hendra) and Olivia Hartley (Amy Lindsay) celebrate their latest success from their dating service Black Tie Nights.

Ryan Lundy (Glen Meadows), their nerdy assistant who harbors a secret lust for Cooper.

Olivia interviews their next client, Carol (Belinda Gavin), an interior designer

Carol works on a home improvement TV show, but can't find a man with similar interests.

She tells how she had sex with one of the handymen in the crew

Sex with Brad (Allen Nabors) was good, but a one-and-done.

Black Tie Nights hooks Carol up with a date...

Jeff (Steven Kent) an architect; the two obviously share interest in home design.

Olivia takes a bath

Her husband has been dead for two years and she still has not hooked up with another man.  She fantasizes she's in the tub with a dude (Ryan Patrick Deptula).

Jeff and Carol show up to tour an old house.

Liz (Rochelle Vallese) is the slightly creepy caretaker.

Liz tells the couple the house is believed to be haunted, and relates the house's backstory

She explains tells the story of Elizabeth (also played by Rochelle Vallese) and Peter (Frank Mercuri)

The two lovers were murdered by a jealous man.

Jeff and Carol see a man at the top of the stairs. Of course this is Peter, and Liz is Elizabeth - they're ghosts.

Back at Black Tie Nights HQ, Ryan and Olivia smirk at Cooper...

Who casually strolls in half naked.

Jeff and Carol rummage through trunks in the attic and find old pictures of a couple that look just like Liz and that man on the stairs.

They peek into Liz's room

They see Liz having sex with the guy.

Jeff and Carol start to have sex, but they're interrupted by a phone call.  Jeff learns that this place is considered abandoned - i.e. there shouldn't be a caretaker here.  So who is this Liz?  

It ends as the last one, with Ryan lusting after Cooper while she remains oblivious of his affection for her. THE END

Another solid entry, I'd say.  I quite liked the whole ghost story.  Light and fluffy late-night cable erotica done well.


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