Jun 6, 2016

Black Tie Nights - Love Is Blind S01E09 (2004)


A TV series about two friends who start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.  While not terribly original - in fact pretty paint-by-numbers for late night cable erotica, it does feature many sexploitation all-stars of the day. [See the Season One Black Tie Nights Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a list of all Black Tie episodes]

Season 1, Episode 9 - "Love Is Blind"

Cooper Snow (Tiffany Hendra) and Ryan Lundy (Glen Meadows) get ready the morning after their first sober sexual encounter.

Cooper arrives just in time to join Olivia Hartley (Amy Lindsay) to speak with their client.

Renee (Chelsea Chandler) has been a successful model for years - but she has one hangup: she can't have sex with the lights on. She explains why...

She was stripping for her boyfriend - who was also her agent.

Brian (Danny Pape) was certainly complimentary -and things were going along fine.

Renee got completely naked

But after sex, Brian clearly became more interested in a younger up and coming model.  Renee felt like chopped liver - and became self-conscious about her naked body.

So, Cooper and Olivia make the logical decision to match Renee up with a blind sculptor named David (Philippe Til).

Cooper and Ryan are back at it - having mad sex in the office.

They realize Olivia is about to return, and have to hurry to clean up their mess.

When Olivia returns, they act like nothing happened - still keeping their fling secret.

Olivia meets Charley (Drake Dorado) a chiropractor at yoga class.

He gives her a rub down.

For the first time in the two years since the death of her husband, Olivia has sex.

Renee meets her date, the blind sculptor David.

She's surprised he's blind, but gets over it quick enough.

Renee calls the Black Tie Nights crew and tells them their match was a success. THE END

Pretty consistent with the previous episodes; still waiting for the shark jump.  Solid late-night cable erotica fluff.


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