Jun 6, 2016

Black Tie Nights - The Legend S01E10 (2004)


A TV series about two friends who start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.  While not terribly original - in fact pretty paint-by-numbers for late night cable erotica, it does feature many sexploitation all-stars of the day. This one stars Ron Jeremy as himself - a porn legend looking for love. [See the Season One Black Tie Nights Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a list of all Black Tie episodes]

Season 1, Episode 10 - "The Legend"

Olivia Hartley (Amy Lindsay) and Cooper Snow (Tiffany Hendra) are surprised by the announcement of a new client for Black Tie Nights dating service...

Their assistant Ryan Lundy (Glen Meadows) says it's a very special customer...

Ron complains that he wants someone with similar interests - he's a highly cultured man.  "Does a woman exist who doesn't think of me as a walking penis?"

Ron gives an account of a typical encounter with a girl (Daniela Rossler).

She has no clue who his favorite painter is - Goya. She thinks it's a type of cheese.

She just wants to have sex.

As Ron humps the girl, he sees an image of himself in the corner (kinda creepy) signalling that this is just getting old.  He needs to find someone of like mind and similar cultured tastes.

Afterwards it's the same old thing; they go their separate ways.

This girl wants to hear more about Gouda. 

Olivia and Cooper meet their next client

Sandy (Danielle Petty) the chemist also wants someone cultured.

Olivia goes on a date with Charley (Drake Dorado) the chiropractor - the guy she met in the last episode.

Cooper reminds Charley that Olivia is a widow and he needs to take things slow.

Ryan finger bangs Cooper.  Yeah, that happens.

Ron Jeremy arrives at Sandy's place with a bouquet of flowers.

Sandy is ready for action.

Olivia and Charley enjoy the hot tub.

Ron and Sandy discover they share the same cultural interests - including Goya.

Ron has been playing hard to get with Sandy - and she finally comes forward, grabs his crotch and says, "Is that just for show or do you know how to use it."  She's unaware he's a porn legend, and Ron chuckles to himself.

Ron and Sandy finally get down to business.

Another successful match courtesy Black Tie Nights. THE END

Man, Black Tie Nights is like the Jelly of the Month Club - that's the gift that keeps on giving Clark.


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