Jun 6, 2016

Black Tie Nights - A Girl Thing S01E04 (2004)


A TV series about two friends who start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.  While not terribly original - in fact pretty paint-by-numbers for late night cable erotica, it does feature many sexploitation all-stars of the day. This one stars Monique Parent as a lesbian who shows one of their customers a new way of doing things. [See the Season One Black Tie Nights Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a list of all Black Tie episodes]

Season 1, Episode 4 - "A Girl Thing"

Olivia Hartley (Amy Lindsay) as usual scorns Cooper Snow (Tiffany Hendra) for her usual tardiness and active sex life.

Their nerdy assistant Ryan Lundy (Glen Meadows) has started to lust after Cooper, despite their testy relationship and wildly dissimilar personalities. 

Ryan fantasizes about having sex with Cooper on the stairs.

Their client today is Helen (Grace Tom) who hasn't had sex with a guy in several years.

Random tangent with Cooper having sex with some dude named Kyle (Noah Frank)

Helen shows up at the restaurant to meet Bob, a guy Black Tie Nights set her up with.

But Bob never shows. Helen gets acquainted with Bobbi Ann Harris (Monique Parent), another woman at the bar.

Bobbi tells Helen about a lesbian sexual experience she had back in college...

In college, her boyfriend Tom (Jon Fleming) brought a girl named Lauren (Dawn Arellano) to their room. He expected her to be mad about it... but quite the contrary.

Helen calls Cooper to tell her that no further dating service is necessary.  She's met Bobbi, and seems content.

Cooper congratulates herself.  You see, there was no Bob - her plan was to have her set up with Bobbi all along.

Bobbi and Helen have sex on the beach.

It ends with some fluffy banter between Cooper and Ryan.  Clearly they are trying to lead us to a relationship between this unlikely pair. THE END

Despite a rather nice sex scene with Monique Parent on the beach, this was probably the weakest in the series thus far.  Not bad, just entirely forgettable. 


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