Jun 6, 2016

Black Tie Nights - Date and Switch S01E01 (2004)


A TV series about two friends who start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.  While not terribly original - in fact pretty paint-by-numbers for late night cable erotica, it does feature many sexploitation all-stars of the day including Amy Lindsay, Beverly Lynne, and Monique Parent. In this first episode, we get the "origin story" of the dating agency. [See the Season One Black Tie Nights Main Page or the  VZ1 Series Page for a list of all Black Tie episodes]

Season 1, Episode 1 - "Date and Switch"

Olivia Hartley (Amy Lindsay) is drinking alone at a bar

She thinks back to making love with her late husband Vince Hartley (Hoyt Richards

Her friend  Cooper Snow (Tiffany Hendra) arrives and reminds her that he's been dead for two years, and she needs to get past it.

Cooper says she has a knack for playing cupid, and offers to set Olivia up.  However, Olivia isn't ready and doesn't trust her matchmaking skills.  So, Cooper offers to demonstrate her abilities. 

She starts with Frank (Jeff Archibald) a photographer - a guy they overheard in the bar who is having relationship struggles.

Frank shows her some of his work

A picture of Lola (Ander Page) is on the wall

Frank tells Cooper about his experience with Lola

Lola flirted with him aggressively 

But despite the temptation, Frank remained true to his girlfriend

Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, because his girlfriend would soon dump him.

So, Cooper sets Frank up with Candy Hicks (Beverly Lynne) for a dinner date on a yacht.

Allison (Elina Madison) runs the yacht, and she's the one Frank finds himself more attracted to than Candy.

Candy tells a story about having sex with Eduardo (Billy Chappell)

Frank and Candy mutually agree to not see each other again as they had nothing in common.  But Allison is really attracted to Frank, and also has relationship issues.  Turns out, Cooper had set this all up - knowing that Frank and Allison were meant for each other.

Frank and Allison make love below deck.

So, Olivia admits that Cooper proved her matchmaking abilities and agrees to let her dead husband go.  

Olivia has the perfect idea: they will start a dating service.  To be continued....

On the one hand, it's forgettable drivel.  On the other, this is the very essence of late-night cable erotica from twenty years ago.  Considering it features some of the main players in sexploitation of the day, I think the series is worth checking out.


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