Nov 11, 2023

Junior (1985)


Not exactly the slasher film promised by the VHS cover. However it does feature a rapist-murderer redneck with mommy issues who terrorizes two women recently released from prison. We actually reviewed this a year ago, but I've since found a much better copy. 

KC (Suzanne DeLaurentiis) and Jo (Linda Singer) are two hookers in prison being escorted to freedom

But as soon as they re-enter freedom, they're attacked by their old drug dealing pimp

KC is nearly raped, but manages to escape

The hookers flee to a small rural town  where the Gas Station Attendant (Brian Morgan) won't give them back their keys unless they give him full service. The attendant didn't realize what he's dealing with.  Jo is a hardened criminal and easily beats him down.

KC fixes their vehicle herself.

The girls are warned by the crooked redneck Sheriff (Ken Roberts) - They're told to leave town, but they have no intention of doing so.

The girls take up residence in an abandoned boat house. That evening, Jo investigates noises coming from downstairs.

She comes upon a gathering of rednecks

A mentally challenged redneck named Junior (Jeremy Ratchford)grabs Jo.and holds her upside down dangerously close to a boat's propeller

KC arrives in the nick of time with a shotgun Jo and KC report it to the sheriff, who of course doesn't give a shit.

KC hooks up with a "good" redneck named Bud (Michael McKeever)

KC sunbathes. Suzanne DeLaurentiis is a cousin of Frankie Avalon. She would later start a production company and release a good number of films, and even started up a film festival. 

Jo takes a liking to  Luke (Cotton Mather) who lives in a shitty barge playing his guitar

Local girl Sally (Alanne Perry) is being chased and raped by Junior

Bud comes to the rescue.  KC and Jo take in Sally to their boathouse.

The girls and their beaus repair the boathouse; Luke and Jo replace shingles

But Junior continues to terrorize them at night.

Out on her boat, KC is surrounded by a group of hooting rednecks - she takes off her top and uses it to make a Molotov Cocktail and mercks the rednecks

Jo and Luke have sex

The sheriff interrupts their lovemaking. 

He shines his flashlight on Jo's boobs

Junior evidently has a Norman Bates style relationship with his mother

Sally goes looking for her dog and is attacked by Junior

The next morning, KC and Jo jump in the boat with Sally for an escape

Sally falls over and they can see she's dead!

Actually a pretty horrifying scene

The girls jump out of the boat, leaving Sally's body, and run to Bud and Luke for help.

KC realizes it's time to confront the rednecks and grabs a knife

She returns to the boathouse 

Junior vs KC showdown - and of course the sheriff is behind it all.

The place is burned down; KC and Jo escape. THE END

As I expected, the entertainment value was significantly increased with more pixels.  You can also easily tell where the original "Hot Water" film (girls versus rednecks) was adjusted to become "Junior" (girls versus slasher). A pretty fun watch.


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