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Sep 30, 2022

Through Dead Eyes (1999)


An odd horror-thriller notable for featuring James Doohan, Scotty from Star Trek.  A blind clairvoyant helps a detective solve a series of murders.

Leona Hemmingway (Michelle Green) walks home alone

Someone grabs her from the bushes and strangles her to death.

The crime scene

Detective Lucy Bernard (Isabel Parlett) - possibly the most lifeless actress I've ever seen.

Lucy enlists the help of Detective Grant Sutherland (Kent Rulon)

Grant is every bit as grizzled and cocky as you're imagining.

Detective Lucy Bernard (Isabel Parlett) - delivers lines like she's about to take a nap.

Lucy recommends they get help from a bind clairvoyant  Maggie Russo (Diane Grotke)

Maggie insists that her super powers are gone and refuses to help.

Um okay then.

Lucy goes for a late-night jog.  This won't end well.

A false alarm

But then the real killer strikes

Must admit, didn't expect Lucy to be the next victim

Desperate, Grant demands that Maggie help him find Lucy's murderer.

Grant forces Maggie to come with him to the morgue and unzips Lucy's body bag.  

He forces Maggie to touch Lucy's dead body. (Isabel Parlett providing the first bit of nudity in the film, albeit as a cadaver.)

While Isabel Parlett underacted, Diane Grotke more than compensates.  Holy shit does this woman go all-in as the clairvoyant relives Lucy's murder.

Grant basically keeps Maggie against her will. 

Maggie explains her super powers.

Grant speaks with Barney Fredericks (James Doohan) a dishonorably discharged detective who worked on a case which had similarities to the current serial murders.  

Brenda Carol (Holliston Hill) says goodnight to her friend.

We get a glimpse of the killer's mask as Brenda is murdered.

Brenda is hauled off to the morgue

If the over-acting in the morgue wasn't enough for you, Maggie is now having a nighmare.

Grant takes Maggie to Brenda's corpse.

Grant and Maggie then have sex.

Didn't expect to see Diane Grotke's boobs but here we are.

Learning the killer wore a mask, Grant visits a mask store.

Eccentric Miss Konkel (Ann Parker) runs the store.

Hmm.  Eccentric, judgemental, and a religious zealot.... she couldn't be the killer, could she?  Nah.

Miss Konkel's employee is the next victim.

Coming home with groceries... well, er, just a carton of half-and-half.

Finally a good look at the murderer.

Barney seems like the most likely suspect - and he's clearly unhinged.

The movie is embarrassing, but I have to believe James Doohan had a good time.

We now know Miss Konkel is the killer - and Maggie is alone with her.

Miss Konkel puts on the mask and tries to kill Maggie.

Grant arrives in the nick of time and subdues Miss Konkel

But as they embrace Miss Konkel rises up like Michael Myers and kills them both!

Miss Konkel buries Maggie and Grant. THE END

Okay, sorry.  You're seeing the number of stars below and you're wondering 'what the fuck?'  If any movie falls into the dreaded cliche of "so bad it's good" this is it.  I could watch this a hundred times and find new hilariously terrible things each time.  But beyond just it's endearing awfulness, it does hit you with some unpredictable zingers and an insane ending.  


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  1. The prevailing theory is that Isabel Parlett was too tired to continue filming so they killed her off early so she could nap on the set.