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Sep 5, 2022

Story of O, The Series - 05 (1992)


Finishing the Brazilian Story of O series. [Also see - Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4,

O (Claudia Cepeda) is still with psychopath Sir Stephen (Paulo Reis)

At home he continues to torture her.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline (Gabriela Alves) is still with the psychopath Rene (Nelson Freitas), Stephen's stepbrother.

O goes shopping and runs into one of her abusers from Château Roissy

Jacqueline's sister (maybe just a cousin) Natalie (Marcela Altberg) - a naive young virgin.

While O takes a bath, Jacqueline asks O if Natalie can stay with them.  She says the more the merrier.

O purposefully stands up from the bath to show Jacqueline something.

It's her labia ring.  O bluntly explains that it's a tag - as she's the possession of Stephen.  She also explains she's been branded.

But this is intentional - she wants to pique Jacqueline's interest.  As you'll recall, O has been tasked by Stephen to get Jacqueline to agree to go to Château Roissy.

Jacqueline is speechless.

But once the shock cools, Jacqueline begins to fall for the bait. 

Out by the pool, O goes skinny dipping.

Young naive virginal (insert adjective here) Natalie doesn't know what to make of all this open sexuality as she comes from a very sheltered and religious home.

O frolics naked in the water

O and Jacqueline go inside, take a shower together and fool around.

Natalie watches through the door and gets hot and bothered.

O is introduced to a creepy dude...

The Commander

Stephen tells O to strip for the old gent.

Natalie says she's jealous of Jacqueline, but O assures her that her turn will come.

Stephen has the girls pick masks from a box - O is to wear one to the Commander's party.

O picks an owl.

Stephen flogs her with the mask on.

As she's being mercilessly whipped, O notices someone has entered the room...

It's Natalie.  She freaks the fuck out.

Natalie and Jacqueline pack their bags and get the hell away from this sick place.

The night of the Commander's party.

O comes as a naked owl.

To be continued.

 The Claudia Cepeda nude marathon ends here.  How'd it compare to the original Story of O (1975)? I actually liked it a little better overall. Not much to say beyond that, but glad to have watched it. 


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  1. EPIC!!!! Claudia is so beautiful in this series. More of her work should be featured here. There is not a single scene where she is wearing panties, All scenes are performed bottomless. Would love to see behind scenes footage of this series. Its pure gem.