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Sep 19, 2022

Love Variations (1970)


We've covered a good number of so-called sex-education documentaries (sometimes called "white coaters") [see also: Freedom to Love (1969), More About the Language of Love (1970), The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style (1978), The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love (1970), and Refinements in Love (1971), Feel (1971)] This one is notable as it is supposedly the first British example.  The female "visual aid" in this film is Carolyn Jones who died tragically just a few years after this film.

You will grow to hate this guy.  He politely narrates this entire film; so, yeah, you're about to listen to this guy lecture for over an hour.

We're introduced to a couple who will serve as visual aids for his lecture

We get a close look at Carolyn Jones - as she's spun around in a plain white room

And so begins the lecture as the models illustrate the doctor's points

Honestly we could just end here - this is essentially the rest of the film.  But let's get a few more glimpses.

Unfortunately, we get extensive lectures on anatomy, the menstrual cycle, etc.

The doctor describes a variety of sexual positions

It ends with a disclaimer that this was all purely educational - no reason to be alarmed.  We even poll the audience to get their reactions. THE END

While it was great to see the late Carolyn Jones naked throughout the film in various positions, there's just not much entertainment value otherwise.  Even as a cultural artifact it doesn't have much to offer.  After all, it's just a stuffy British guy talking about sex whilst Carolyn provides eye candy.


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