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Sep 19, 2022

James Bande versus O.S.Sex 69 (1986)


One of at least three James Bande films - a French porno series (obviously knocking off James Bond); this one featuring Marilyn Jess.

The chief of the KGB (Olivier Mathot) calls his agents for a special mission - to kill James Bande.

O.S.Sex 69 (André Kay) is busy with a blonde when he gets the call.

Pascal St. James, another KGB agent, gets the call from the chief. 

But first he needs to finish with Tina Loren

The KGB secretary

O.S.Sex 69 does her on the desk

This is actually pretty funny. Pascal comes in, and O.S.Sex 69 continues to talk casually - like he's not banging the secretary on the desk.

They even salute the chief and have a serious conversation as if she wasn't even there.

James Bande (Gabriel Pontello) and Sonia Lendle - the special agents on the side of good.  Of course they immediately have sex.

James rips her perfectly good panties and stuffs them in her mouth during sex.

O.S.Sex 69 is relaxing poolside. Three hotties are swimming topless

(L-R) Blonde (Katya Strambi), brunette (Marie-France) and brunette with pink bow (Jessica Stehl)
 (Katya Strambi)

O.S.Sex 69 takes them on his yacht. Jessica Stehl unzips the agent while Éric Dray gives it to Marie-France from behind.

Katya Strambi and Marie-France go at it.  And yeah this all leads to nothing.  This is the last we see of O.S. Sex 69 in this film.

Pascal is on the mission to kill James Bande.  He takes along three female accomplices.

They trudge through the backwoods (hilariously stepping in their pumps) to get up close to James Bande's estate.

James Bande is taken by surprise. The fight is on.

Naturally this all leads to sex - with Pascal taking care of Bande's woman Sonia Lendle

The three ladies jump on James Brande.

Dr. Gode sits on Bande's face

Ah, that was good fun. Bande has a good laugh then taps Dr. Gode. 


Well, you'd think with all the effort to give this a James Bond theme they'd have inserted (sorry I know the word choice isn't the best here) some kind of plot.  Like there is just nothing here but constant sex with nary a second reserved for a story; I'd have taken even a crumb of one.  Since there are more Bande flicks which were released prior to this, I'll give another one a shot and see if it does better. 


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