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Sep 19, 2022

Il Corpo della Ragassa (1979)


Another Pygmalion story where the daughter of a sand digger is taken into the home of a pervy rich doctor and taught to be a proper lady.  Starring the oft naked Lilli Carati

Pasquale Aguzzi (Renzo Montagnani) is selling his bags of sand in town.  Riding with him is his lovely daughter Teresa Aguzzi (Lilli Carati).

Teresa rides on the back of the dilapidated truck

Following behind is a wealthy medical doctor, Professor Ulderico Quario (Enrico Maria Salerno)

Quario sees Teresa climb on and off the little truck hauling sandbags and is smitten by her beauty.

Pasquale agrees to take home an older prostitute Cecchina (Marisa Belli) who's not doing too well.  She needs some time in the country as therapy.

Cecchina does well staying at Pasquale's modest home in the sticks.

Teresa is courted by Erminio Barbarini (Nino Bignamini) - who drives a VW bus plastered with centerfolds.

Professor Quario has offered to hire Teresa as a maid, but she must first submit to a medical exam. Cecchina takes her to the appointment.

Quario has her strip

Quario remarks on the perfection before him.

But Teresa is an uncivilized mess. She doesn't carry herself befitting a lady at Quario's manor.

Quario's other maid, Caterina (Elsa Vazzoler), helps out.

First, Teresa needs a good bath.

Quario is quite the pervert, having Teresa do chores in odd places such as underneath the glass coffee table.

Quario also bestows gifts to the poor daughter of a sand digger.

A new necklace

But these are really just feeble ploys to get Teresa naked

Teresa is humiliated when Quario presents her to his rich friends and has her walk around naked.

In bed, Teresa is starting to wonder about this whole arrangement.

After speaking with Cecchina about the situation, Teresa starts to take a new attitude around Quario's place. 

Pasquale is living the dream thanks to the money Teresa is bringing home.  His outhouse has been upgraded to indoor plumbing!

So, Teresa comes up with a plan. She wants to bring home the bacon for her father, but at the same time be rid of Quario.

So, Teresa waits in bad for Quario butt naked.

She stands over him and literally gives Quario a heart attack - and he dies.

Cecchina comes over and they raid Quario's valuables.

Not only do they get his loot, but the scandal makes Cecchina's brothel the talk of the town. THE END

Despite Carati's frequent full frontal nudity, this was pretty awful. There is not a single second of this film that is funny.  The Pygmalion story has been done to death.  A struggle to get through; a shame because this has a talented cast.


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