Sep 19, 2022

Enquêtes (1979)


(Retitled as Call Girl Deluxe) An Alpha France flick starring pretty much every French sexploitation all-star of the day.  The story involves a hapless writer tasked with submitting an erotic tell-all piece.  He enlists the help of Brigitte Lahaie, the head of a call girl agency, to include him on upcoming calls so he can get inspiration.  Unfortunately every time some ridiculous mishap prevents him from getting the scoop.

Brigitte (Brigitte Lahaie) runs a call girl agency; Richard (Richard Allan) is a hack writer.

Richard needs to right a titillating piece for his publisher and asks Brigitte to allow him to come along for one of her girls' appointments.

Then they have sex.

At Brigitte's call girl agency

Marianne (Morgane) is assigned the next client. Richard will be tagging along but out of sight of the customer.

Marianne is taken to the customer's location by the agency's chauffeur (Piotr Stanislas)

Note the big-ass dog

The dog prevents Richard from getting close to the action; he has to hide in the limo the whole time.

Marianne meets with the client, Madame Labeille (Monique Carrère)

And so they get right to business

Unfortunately Richard misses all of this thanks to the dog.

After her visit, Marianne gets it on with the chauffeur. 

Poor Richard.  Even his tape recorder is busted as the limo drives over it.

Richard informs Brigitte of the failure, and requests another opportunity to be a part of a call girl adventure.

Richard goes "undercover" as a masseuse for two call girls.

Catherine (Cathy Stewart) the brunette and Nicole (Dominique Félix) the blonde

Richard has locked the real masseuse, Jacques (Dominique Aveline), in the stairwell.

Nicole tells of a call girl encounter...

Her client is Bernard (Alban Ceray) and they do it twenty ways from sunday.

Catherine tells her story...

She's acting as a waitress for a client, Ferdinand (Dominique Irissou)

Jacques finally gets free and puts a stop to Richard's charade.  He punches his lights out, and his recording of the ladies' stories is lost.

Brigitte's call girl Carole (France Lomay) is married to John (John Oury) - and their relationship couldn't be more sexless and cold.

Carole shows up for her client's appointment

She's shocked to find that her client is actually her husband!

It's certainly awkward at first

But somehow this arrangement has brought out the animal in John and he pounds the hell out of her.

John leaves Carole wore out

Back at the call girl agency, Karine (Karine Gambier) is called to her next appointment.

A wealthy banker (Tony Morena) is wanting to make a man out of his son.

So Karine is hired to make that happen.

Did Richard get any of it recorded?  Nope.  He's outside hanging by the ledge. Another mishap preventing him from getting a story.

He calls the call girl agency in the hopes of getting another chance.

Desiree (Desiree Cousteau) answers the phone since Brigitte is away.

Richard arrives at the agency with tape recorder in hand.

Desiree goes to the restroom to slip into something more comfortable.

She then works on Richard

A good employee, Desiree still is mindufl to answer the phones

Brigitte returns and scolds Desiree

Richard sees Brigitte off to a church where she confesses her sins to a priest.  But Richard is disguised as the cleric and hears her bizarre confession...

Brigitte describes her encounter with an extremely bizarre client  (John Oury) whose fetish is to act like a robot (!)

Brigitte is scared at first, but then goes along with it.

Fucking creepy

Brigitte finishes her confession and wonders where Richard went off to.

Richard finally has the titillating tale he needed.

But the tape recorder bursts into flames.  I guess his story was never meant to be.  But then, does he really need the fucking tape recorder? 

To state the obvious, this story was beyond stupid.  But the top adult film actresses in France are all here in one movie - in their prime and in typical Alpha Blue technicolor. Karine Gambier, Monique Carrère, France Lomay, Desiree Cousteau, Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart... I mean, what a gathering of legends.  


  1. Hey zeta one! I'm not sure the thumbnails you have put here are from the blueray release.

  2. What a cast! Eyeful after eyeful. Thanks for this review, you've instantly added this film to my "must find" list.